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Hire The Best Corporate Event Entertainment for Your Event!

Planning and executing corporate events is no easy task, and Curtis specializes in helping you give your event absolute MAXIMUM IMPACT.  For over 30 years, comedy mentalist, magician, and speaker Curtis Waltermire has had a successful track record of  helping event planners and coordinators have outstanding and successful events with his highly-interactive, fun, and engaging presentations.  His experience with organizations of various industries has made him a valuable asset to literally hundreds of companies and organizations, and he will be an asset to yours as well.  For more information on how Curtis can help specifically with your event, simply contact our office by clicking here.

Some Of The Ways Curtis Can Help You Have The Best Corporate Event Possible:

Corporate Banquets: After Dinner Shows

Company Christmas & Holiday parties, Awards Banquets, Anniversaries, and other celebrations are among the occasions where companies need exceptional entertainment.  An after-dinner platform or stage show is a great addition to any corporate event, and Curtis' one-man stand-up comedy mentalism and magic shows are the perfect addition to these events and have kept companies and organizations coming back for more since the late 1980s.  The shows play have played in banquet halls, salons, and convention centers all across the U.S. to audiences as few as 25 to several hundred in attendance.  Most shows are 45-60 minutes in length, but can be extended to 75 or 90 minutes, and even customized to fit a theme for your special event!  Click here to receive a fast and free quote for a show for your corporate after-dinner event!

Conferences and Conventions

Annual conventions and conferences often need something special for their VIP or Gala receptions, kick-off parties, and more.  Curtis offers stand-up, platform, or stage shows for such events that can be scaled to meet the size and scope of each individual client's needs.

Product Launches

Curtis works closely with companies and organizations to design custom presentations for new brands, products, concepts, and more.  The presentations are specifically created to make a maximum impact in the minds of customers, clients, vendors, etc.  This will get them talking about you, sharing this information with their various networks on social media, and helping to create better brand awareness and so much more.   Click here to submit your event for a fast and free quote!  

Hospitality Suites

Entertaining potential customers, VIPs, long-time clients, shareholders, etc, should not be left to amateurs or chance.  Curtis has helped make sure that those guests who are crucial to your business or organization have been well taken care for over 30 years.  

Master of Ceremonies

Curtis' wit and improvisational style have made him a hit as an MC and Host for countless events over the years.  He gets to know the needs of each specific client, and creates customized presentations that can be used throughout the event between speakers, presentations, other variety acts, and more.  

Virtual Corporate Events

COVID-19 and the world-wide pandemic have forced many companies to hold their events online through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other streaming platforms.  Curtis has had great success with his virtual shows!  For more information about booking virtual events click here.  

Keynotes and Speaking

Curtis highly-effective communication skills and 30 years of business experience make him an outstanding speaker for any event.  His presentations include the "Psychology of Self-Development", "Speaking Without Words", the "State of a Champion," and his memory workshop "Average People with Exceptional Minds."   Click here to receive a quote for Curtis' keynote speaker services!

Educational Workshops

In today's digital age, so many seem to rely less and less on their ability to remember things.  Curtis has been known for over 30 years for his exceptional memory.  He teaches his simple and amazing mneumonic system for remembering virtually anything in his fun and highly-interactive workshop "Average People with Exceptional Minds."  This is an excellent item for sales teams, customer service professionals, and anyone looking to greatly improve their everyday cognitive skills!  Scroll down and fill out the form below to submit your event for a free quote about an educational workshop!

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