Comedy Mentalist, Magician, & Speaker Curtis Waltermire

Planning and executing corporate events is no easy task, and Curtis specializes in helping you give your event absolute MAXIMUM IMPACT.
Since 1985

Corporate Banquets/ After-Dinner Shows

Your event deserves entertainment with a standing ovation. Since 1985, comedy mentalist, magician, and speaker Curtis Waltermire has successfully provided event planners and organizers with fun and amazing corporate after-dinner shows.  His experience with organizations of various industries has made him a valuable asset to literally thousands of clients world-wide, and he will be an asset to yours as well.
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Conferences & Conventions

Annual conventions and conferences often need something special for their VIP or Gala receptions, kick-off parties, and more.  Curtis offers stand-up, platform, or stage shows for such events that can be scaled to meet the size and scope of each individual client's needs.
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Product Launches

Curtis works closely with companies and organizations to design custom presentations for new brands, products, concepts, and more.  The presentations are specifically created to make a maximum impact in the minds of customers, clients, vendors, etc.  This will get them talking about you, sharing this information with their various networks on social media, and helping to create better brand awareness and so much more.
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Master of Ceremonies

You want your guests to be fully engaged in your event, and to be focused and stick around to the very end.  Curtis' down-to-earth Midwestern charm, humor and clever demonstrations are guaranteed to keep your audience actively involved, thoroughly entertained, and remembering your companies' message and event for a very long time.
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Virtual Company Events

Engaging, fun, and highly-interactive virtual mentalism & magic shows streamed LIVE through Curtis' 3-camera, state-of-the-art video production studio.  Available through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and other streaming platforms.  Your guests jaws will drop in amazement as Curtis tell them what they're thinking, controls their decisions, and entertains them live and in real time over the internet!
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Speaking or Workshops

Hear one of Curtis' inspiring talks, or learn his fantastic and amazing memory system!  Curtis demonstrates and teaches his simple and amazing mneumonic system for remembering virtually anything in his fun and highly-interactive memory workshop.  This is an excellent item for sales teams, customer service professionals, and anyone looking to greatly improve their everyday cognitive skills.  You and your guests will be performing incredible memory feats within the first 10 minutes!
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A Few Words from Some Clients Themselves

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