August 6, 2017

What Do Corporate Event Entertainers Need Their Clients To Do?

While there are tons of various elements that go into the planning and execution of a successful corporate event, it's no secret that the hired entertainment plays a HUGE role in the overall success of the event.  What most event planners don't realize, however, is that even if they've hired the absolute best, highest-caliber professional entertainment available, their event will be severely lackluster unless they take heed to some very simple and basic principles.

In the video below, I discuss briefly the two, single-most important items that are absolutely crucial to ensuring that even the most mediocre of entertainers or presenters will help you have a highly successful event.

2 Basic Elements are Needed

  • The Entertainer or Presenter Must Be Clearly Seen

    This seems like it is stating the obvious, but it is surprising how many events that I attend where the place settings on tables are ridiculously large, the tables are arranged behind pillars or to the extreme sides of the stage or performance area, or any of a number of other things that prevent the guests at the event from being able to easily see the show. While I always make it a point to go out into and engage the crowd thoroughly throughout any event (especially corporate after dinner shows), a good deal of the show takes place with spectators coming up on the stage and in front of the group and it is imperative that everyone watching the show be able to see everything happening clearly and easily at all times.

  • The Entertainer or Presenter Must Be Clearly and Easily Heard

    I have been entertaining and speaking for just over 30 years and one of the best tips I have for event planners is to observe first-hand the quality of the PA system at the venues where they are holding their events. It is absolutely worth the trouble to go and check this out for yourself. In my case, I usually need one wireless lavaliere or headset microphone (in excellent working condition), as well as a hand-held microphone for audience members and a stand for it to rest upon. It is best that it be wireless but not absolutely necessary. It is also best to have a back up microphone in the event the one offered doesn't work or is sub-par.