August 14, 2017

Setting Up The Stage and Tables

One of the questions that I get asked for every event I book is "what do you need from us (the company or organization) in order to do your show?"

A real professional corporate event entertainer will provide a detailed show rider for each event that they do.  The rider is basically a document that outlines in detail all of the things that must be in place in order for them to perform their show at your event.  It usually covers things like size of the performance area; props that are needed, lighting, and sound equipment specifications; layout of the room, etc.

While show riders are very important, nothing demonstrates better the exact types of things that an entertainer needs for performing at corporate events than a demonstration of good and bad set-ups at real, LIVE events.  With this second video in this series, I'm looking to do just that.

Take a look at this brief video below for some first-hand examples of things to do when setting up entertainment for your next event.

This is just one video in a series about helpful tips for properly setting up events to maximize corporate event entertainment.  More details explaining sound equipment and lighting will be covered in upcoming videos.