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Fun and highly-interactive shows and presentations that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or office.

He tells you the names of family and friends you're thinking about, places that you've visited or lived, and even draws images that you're thinking of at this very moment; all live and in real-time, RIGHT THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN.  And he has you laughing the entire time while doing it.  His name is Curtis Waltermire, but most know him simply as "Curtis The Mentalist."

Over 30 years ago, Curtis began entertaining audiences with his unique brand of magic, mind reading, and comedy.  He has performed close-up magic and mentalism on television, as well as stage shows for corporate events, private parties, comedy clubs, theaters, restaurants, charity fundraisers, and more throughout the United States.

Now he's bringing that same laughter and astonishment right into your office and living rooms during the Covid-19 quarantine and beyond.  His online virtual magic shows and e-mentalism shows are playing on computer screens throughout the cyberworld.

Tired of quarantine, self-isolation and binge-watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, or your old stash of DVDs?  Treat yourself and your family, friends, clients, employees, and anyone you choose to a live, interactive virtual comedy mind reading show by Curtis The Mentalist!

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Mike Vidikan of Orthopreneurs hired Curtis for a virtual summit and was very pleased.

"We hired Curtis for our virtual summit, and he did a great job. We are still picking our attendees' jaws up off the floor!"

Mike Vidikan, Orthopreneurs

"Curtis headlined our company's virtual Halloween party this year with 100+ employees. He was great!! The show was engaging, professional, and interactive. Everyone had a great time. I'd highly recommend him for any event."

Melissa Burns, FM Global

Melissa Burns of FM Global recommends hiring Curtis The Mentalist for a virtual magic show or mentalism show.
Attorney Dana Milby recommends attending an online, virtual magic show provided by Curtis The Mentalist.

"Very professional and a lot of fun! I don’t know how he does it, but Curtis read my mind over the internet!"

Dana Milby, Milby Law Offices

"I wasn't sure what to expect from a Curtis the Mentalist virtual show, but I came away completely astounded and amazed. What a great show by an amazing performer."

Carl Willis; Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker

Carl Willis recommends a virtual magic show by Curtis The Mentalist.
Magician Danny Whitson recommends attending an online, virtual magic show provided by Curtis The Mentalist.

"Curtis's virtual show was professional, interactive, and very entertaining. I have no clue how he did it but he was reading minds."

Danny Whitson, Knoxville, TN

"Curtis is an exceptional talent that astounds your sense of normality. His online show mystified me and left me wondering what else he can do. Well worth your time."

E. Henrie, Wichita, KS

Ed Henrie of Wichita recommends a virtual magic show by Curtis The Mentalist.

Comedy Virtual Magic Shows and Mind Reading Shows

Uniting People World-Wide With The Common Bond of Laughter and Amazement
Curtis The Mentalist entertains with a virtual magic show and mentalism show on Zoom

Treat Your Customers, Clients, or Employees To A Virtual Magic Show or Mentalism Show During Quarantine

Looking for a great way to show appreciation for your customers, clients or employees during the Covid-19 quarantine? Give the gift of one of Curtis’ online, virtual magic shows or mentalism shows (also known as “e-mentalism.”)! Your employees, clients, and co-workers will be personally and directly engaged and amazed by Curtis during your event, giving them a customized entertainment experience they can’t get anywhere else, all from the comfort of their own homes! Curtis’ shows have been performed for for virtual happy hours, staff zoom meetings, conferences, and more! Click or tap here for a fast and free, no-obligation quote to have Curtis bring a virtual magic show or mentalism show to your next event!

Guests enjoying a virtual magic and mentalism show by Curtis The Mentalist.

Virtual Magic Shows for Family and Friends

Gather your family and friends in the safety and comfort of your own home and join Curtis for a mind-bending and hilarious show where he reads your thoughts, influences and predicts your actions, and performs astonishing mental feats LIVE and in REAL TIME through your screen! These shows are professional, 3-camera broadcast quality productions, streamed LIVE from the new Curtis Magic Entertainment studio, and are much more than a guy sitting in his living room with a camera, a deck of cards, and a few magic props. Multiple camera angles, various screens and backdrops, mind-blowing direct interactions, and exclusive clips from other live performances make this online e-mentalism and virtual magic show packed with variety and amazement a form of entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else! Click or tap here for a fast and free, no-obligation quote to have Curtis bring a virtual magic show or mentalism show to your next private party!

Curtis The Mentalist creates custom branding ideas for clients through his virtual magic shows.

Customized Virtual Magic Shows and Presentations To Promote Your Brand

Companies are looking for ways to keep their message and brand in front of their clients and potential customers. For many years Curtis has customized performances and presentations for corporate clients for their conferences, conventions, and other events, to help them stay in the game; and he’s still doing it! His new virtual studio was designed to help provide his corporate clients with creative ways and outside-the-box-ideas to help keep their company’s branding and messages at the forefront during his presentations. Have long-time customers and clients that you’d like to show your appreciate for with a special gift? Give them something extra special during these times by sponsoring Curtis’ customized virtual magic show or e-mentalism show for them! Click or tap here for a fast and free, no-obligation quote for sponsoring Curtis to bring a virtual magic show or mentalism show for your favorite clients!


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