Hire A Virtual Mentalist or Magician for a Show For Your Live Streaming or Hybrid Events

Amazing, fun and highly-interactive Zoom entertainment for hire, that you and your clients, family, friends, staff or co-workers can enjoy from the safety and comfort of your own homes, offices or in-person hybrid events:  available on multiple streaming platforms.

Curtis tells you the names of family and friends you're thinking about, places that you've visited or lived, and even draws images that you're thinking of at this very moment; all live and in real-time, RIGHT THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN.  And he has you laughing the entire time while doing it.  His name is Curtis Waltermire, but most know him simply as "Curtis The Mentalist."

Over 30 years ago, Curtis Waltermire began entertaining audiences with his fun and unique brand of magic, mentalism, and comedy.  He has performed close-up magic and mentalism on television, as well as stage shows for corporate events, private parties, comedy clubs, theaters, restaurants, charity fundraisers, and more throughout the United States.

Now he's bringing that same laughter and astonishment right into your office and living rooms during the Covid-19 quarantine and beyond.  If you're looking for Zoom entertainment for hire, you can look no further.  As a virtual mentalist, his online, live-streaming shows are playing to happy and astonished audiences on computer screens all across the globe, on Zoom and various other virtual streaming platforms.

As things are currently opening back up in many regions of the world, hybrid events are also becoming more popular.  If you are conducting a hybrid event and looking to stream live entertainment at your otherwise in-person event, contact us TODAY for a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE to bring Curtis' hilarious virtual mentalism show to your event!

Tired of quarantine, self-isolation and binge-watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, or your old stash of DVDs?  Bring together your family, friends, clients, employees, and anyone you choose to a enjoy a live, interactive virtual comedy mentalism show by Curtis The Mentalist!

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Over 50 Five-Star Google Reviews!

Brad Langan of Langan Digital recommends Curtis The Mentalist's virtual mentalism shows.

"Curtis was GREAT! I can only imagine how tough it is to pull off a mentalist session over Zoom, but he DID it, and the attendees loved it! Great job Curtis, highly recommended!"

Brad Langan, Langan Digital

"We hired Curtis for our virtual summit, and he did a great job. We are still picking our attendees' jaws up off the floor!"

Mike Vidikan, Orthopreneurs

Mike Vidikan of Orthopreneurs hired Curtis for a virtual summit and was very pleased.
Owner of Old Town Cigars in Wichita, KS, recommends Curtis The Mentalist

"Amazing and unexplainable mind blowing mind reader! Always on the spot and freaks me out! If you haven't seen his shows, you're missing out!"

Nabil S., Old Town Cigars

"Curtis headlined our company's virtual Halloween party this year with 100+ employees. He was great!! The show was engaging, professional, and interactive. Everyone had a great time. I'd highly recommend him for any event."

Melissa Burns, FM Global

Melissa Burns of FM Global recommends hiring Curtis The Mentalist for a virtual magic show or mentalism show.
Attorney Dana Milby recommends attending an online, virtual magic show provided by Curtis The Mentalist.

"Very professional and a lot of fun! I don’t know how he does it, but Curtis read my mind over the internet!"

Dana Milby, Milby Law Offices

"I wasn't sure what to expect from a Curtis the Mentalist virtual show, but I came away completely astounded and amazed. What a great show by an amazing performer."

Carl Willis; Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker

Carl Willis recommends a virtual magic show by Curtis The Mentalist.
Magician Danny Whitson recommends attending an online, virtual magic show provided by Curtis The Mentalist.

"Curtis's virtual show was professional, interactive, and very entertaining. I have no clue how he did it but he was reading minds."

Danny Whitson, Knoxville, TN

"Curtis is an exceptional talent that astounds your sense of normality. His online show mystified me and left me wondering what else he can do. Well worth your time."

E. Henrie, Wichita, KS

Ed Henrie of Wichita recommends a virtual magic show by Curtis The Mentalist.

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Comedy Virtual Magic Shows and Mentalism Shows

Uniting People World-Wide With The Common Bond of Laughter and Amazement
Curtis performs virtual mentalist shows and online magic shows for virtual happy hours, zoom meetings, virtual conferences and conventions, and more.
Looking for a great way to show appreciation for your customers, clients or employees during the Covid-19 quarantine? Give the gift of one of Curtis' online, virtual magic shows or mentalism shows (also known as "e-mentalism.")! Your employees, clients, and co-workers will be personally and directly engaged and amazed by Curtis during your event, giving them a customized entertainment experience they can't get anywhere else, all from the comfort of their own homes! Curtis' shows have been performed for for virtual happy hours, staff zoom meetings, conferences, and more!
Curtis performs virtual mentalist shows and online magic shows for virtual happy hours, zoom meetings, virtual conferences and conventions, and more.
Gather your family and friends in the safety and comfort of your own home and join Curtis for a mind-bending and hilarious show where he reads your thoughts, influences and predicts your actions, and performs astonishing mental feats LIVE and in REAL TIME through your screen! These shows are professional, 3-camera broadcast quality productions, streamed LIVE from the new Curtis Magic Entertainment studio, and are much more than a guy sitting in his living room with a camera, a deck of cards, and a few magic props. Multiple camera angles, various screens and backdrops, mind-blowing direct interactions, and exclusive clips from other live performances make this online e-mentalism and virtual magic show packed with variety and amazement a form of entertainment that you can’t get anywhere else!
  • Virtual Happy Hours

    Not just another chat session with drinks again...spice it up with a virtual comedy mentalism show!

  • Zoom Staff Meetings

    Don't let your staff, co-workers, or clients contract "Zoom Fatigue" with just another meeting. Hire Curtis to add some fun, amazing & lively interaction!

  • Online Conferences & Conventions

    Your attendees need more than just break-out sessions and keynote speakers. Treat them to a fun and highly interactive virtual mentalism presentation during your virtual conference or convention.

  • Virtual Team Building Activities

    You can't get them together in-person to inspire and motivate them, so let Curtis come and pick them up, amaze them, and help you boost your team morale during these crazy times!

  • Company Virtual Corporate Christmas or Holiday Parties

    Just because you had to cancel the annual company Christmas or Holiday party doesn't mean you can't still do something special for everyone. Book Curtis' festive, virtual comedy mentalism show to make it an event to remember!

  • Virtual Private Parties & Events

    Birthday parties, graduations, family reunions, bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and just about any other private event you may have these days can be held virtually. Gather your friends and family together online and hire Curtis' for an amazing virtual mentalism show. Customized presentations available for your celebration to make the event extra special!

  • Hybrid Events

    Interactive, fun and engaging virtual mentalism and magic shows streamed live during your in-person events.

Curtis The Mentalist creates custom branding ideas for clients through his virtual magic shows.
Companies are looking for ways to keep their message and brand in front of their clients and potential customers. For many years Curtis has customized performances and presentations for corporate clients for their conferences, conventions, and other events, to help them stay in the game; and he’s still doing it! His new virtual studio was designed to help provide his corporate clients with creative ways and outside-the-box-ideas to help keep their company’s branding and messages at the forefront during his presentations. Have long-time customers and clients that you’d like to show your appreciate for with a special gift? Give them something extra special during these times by sponsoring Curtis’ customized virtual magic show or e-mentalism show for them!
Curtis The Mentalist conducts virtual mentalism shows on Microsoft Teams
Curtis The Mentalist performs virtual mentalism shows on Webex
Curtis The Mentalist performs virtual mentalism shows on Google Hangouts
Curtis The Mentalist conducts virtual mentalism shows on YouTube Live
Curtis The Mentalist performs virtual mentalism shows on Skype
Curtis The Mentalist performs virtual mentalism shows on Zoom
Curtis The Mentalist conducts virtual mentalism shows on Jitsi Meet
Curtis The Mentalist performs virtual mentalism shows on BlueJeans
Curtis The Mentalist performs virtual mentalism shows on Zoho Meetings

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How Do I Hire or Book a Zoom Virtual Mentalist or Magic Show?

To book a Zoom virtual magic show or mentalism show, simply get in touch with us today by filling out our simple request form here. You can also book a Zoom virtual magic or mentalism show by calling our office at 833-646-3737 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time (United States).  Please be sure to include a specific, base Time Zone or location in your request for us to best determine availability (where YOU will be joining from).  Virtual events are conducted world-wide across various time zones.  

What is Hybrid Event Entertainment?

As things start to return back to "normal" (whatever that is, RIGHT?), many companies and organizations are slowly going back to conducting in-person corporate conferences, conventions, sales meetings, and more.  However, flying in a corporate speaker or entertainer can be prohibitive on a number of levels as travel can still be a bit difficult in some areas of the world.  With great advances in streaming technology, an excellent option is to conduct the in-person event at a local level, but bring in a virtual speaker, mentalist, magician, comedian, etc., through the power of live-streaming.  Comedy mentalist and magician Curtis Waltermire is an excellent choice for a virtual mentalist and magic show for your hybrid event, as he broadcasts a fun and interactive show LIVE from his state-of-the-art live-streaming studio!  Contact us TODAY to receive your FREE, NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE for your hybrid event!   

How Long Is A Typical Zoom Magic or Mentalism Show?

A typical online, virtual mentalism or magic show is 45-60 minutes in length.  However, the length of any virtual show can be shortened or lengthened as needed to accommodate any event.

How Do I Watch a Zoom Virtual Mentalist or Magic Show?

Watching and enjoying a virtual magic show or mentalism show on Zoom is easy.  Once you finalize the booking with Curtis for your event, you will receive an email invitation with an exclusive "Join A Meeting" link--along with a password--from our office.  The following link takes you to a video that quickly explains what to do once you receive this email invitation.  

Do Virtual Magic Shows or Mentalism Shows Only Take Place on Zoom?

Zoom is currently the most popular and widely used platform, but Curtis' presentations are not limited to Zoom.  We can also do events through Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or other platforms when needed. 

Is A Zoom Virtual Magic or Mentalism Show Suitable for All Ages?

Curtis does not perform shows for children, or for events where children are the primary audience such as birthday parties, elementary or middle schools, scouting troops or other children's organizations.  His Zoom virtual magic shows or mentalism shows contain material that is primarily intended for adults, though children 12 years and older can also enjoy the show when viewing with adults.  Younger children don't always understand the nature of the material, so Curtis does not do events specifically directed for younger children.  If you would like to hire a virtual magician for entertainment, we have excellent references for such entertainers that are available upon request.  Contact us today for a list of professional virtual magicians for children's events.  

How Many People Can Watch A Zoom Virtual Magic or Mentalist Show?

There really is no real limit, however a typical Zoom virtual magic or mentalism show usually allows up to 100 separate devices to be streaming at once without any additional fees needing to be paid on the platform.  If you are streaming to a computer with a large screen or to a TV monitor, a room full of people can participate with only ONE device, meaning hundreds of people can attend or view at once depending upon the specific event.  Curtis has performed virtual mentalism shows for as many as 1,500 devices streaming all at once from all over the globe.  For corporate virtual events or other special virtual or online meetings, an option for 500 or more devices is available by special request. Click here to submit information about your event for a free quote.

How Much Does A Zoom Virtual Magic Show or Mentalism Show Cost?

Private events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, retirement parties, and such like are priced on an individual basis and can run from $200 or more per event.  Corporate or company events can range on average from $1,000 USD to $5,000 USD or more per event, depending upon the size and scope of the event (such as number of attendees and length of program), whether or not it includes workshops, breakout sessions, keynote presentations, if it is a multi-day event, has any customized elements, etc. Get a free quote specific to your event by clicking here.

What Can I Expect To See During a Zoom Virtual Magic Show or Mentalism Show?

While a virtual magic show or mentalism show does not quite fully replace the experience of viewing the art of comedy, magic or mentalism in person, it is a unique, fun and close-up, interactive experience all it's own!  Curtis The Mentalist's virtual shows engage you directly through the power of the internet in REAL TIME.  You won't be seeing a bunch of videos of pre-recorded performances; Curtis will address you and your staff, friends, co-workers, or family directly and tell you things you're thinking about, predict your actions and decisions, and demonstrate psychological or sleight-of-hand illusions in a fun and astonishing manner right before your very eyes, keeping you and your guests laughing the entire time.  Everyone who has seen these shows finds them a refreshing, bewildering, and thoroughly enjoyable virtual entertainment experience!  With 40 five-star Google reviews, Curtis is an excellent choice for your virtual event entertainment!  Get a free quote for your virtual event by clicking here!

What Types of Tricks are Performed at a Zoom Virtual Magic Show or Mentalism Show?

During a typical Zoom virtual magic show or mentalism show, Curtis The Mentalist directly involves your guests, calling them by name and working with them individually or in small groups.
A small example of the type of effects are: 
  • He has them think of names of people they know, and he is able to tell them the names they are thinking! 
  • An incredible demonstration with nothing more than a wad of paper that has mouths dropping open in complete astonishment!
  • They draw images in their mind, and somehow he is able to duplicate those images and draw them with amazing accuracy!  Without ever seeing their drawing! 
  • Curtis has guests visit imaginary places such as dream vacation destinations, which they describe in great detail; only to later have Curtis reveal that he predicted the exact same vacation some time prior to the performance.
  • Sometimes Curtis has them perform tricks using items around their own house, such as a deck of cards, right in their own living room; where they do all of the work and yet produce astonishing results!
  • For corporate, company, fundraising events, and such like, Curtis customizes presentations, green screen backgrounds, video clips, and more to create completely unique presentations for your customers, clients, or staff.  This is an excellent and one-of-a-kind way to promote your brand and your company's message. 

Get a free, no-obligation quote for your event TODAY by clicking here!  

Can I Watch A Zoom Virtual Magic Show or Mentalism Show on My Phone or Laptop?

A desktop or laptop computer is best, but most Zoom virtual magic shows or mentalism shows can be viewed on almost any tablet, iPad, or smartphone as well, as long as there is a good wi-fi or internet connection.  A good internet connection is crucial as this provides the best viewing experience, and streams the video and audio nicely for the best overall entertainment experience.  To achieve this, we recommend an ethernet cable or other direct line connection to your devices as opposed to wi-fi whenever possible.  

What Do I Need To Provide For A Zoom Virtual Magic Show or Mentalism Show?

There are a few things that you should have on hand during Curtis' Zoom virtual magic or mentalism shows: 
  • A good, direct internet or wi-fi connection.  This is important.  Poor internet connectivity may affect your ability to see or enjoy the show.  We recommend wiring your device directly to a router via ethernet cable if possible. 
  • Make sure your microphone on your devices is in good working order.  Most laptops have a decent microphone, but if you have a good external mic to plug in for better audio we recommend it.  Being seen and heard is an important part of participating in the show. 
  • One or more thick, black magic markers.  These need to be wide tipped, and not fine point.  You may be called upon during the show to write or draw something and then show it to your webcam.  Dark and bold writing or drawing is necessary for the best and most highly visible effect.   
  • A few sheets of blank, clean 8.5" x 11" paper.  Printer paper or similar is preferred, but yellow pads or notepads are acceptable. 
  • Snacks, drinks, and comfortable furniture! 
  • Make sure that if you are streaming or mirroring your show to a large device such as a TV, that your webcam is near so that Curtis, as well as the rest of the audience, can see you when you participate. 
  • NOTE: please make sure to enable your webcam and that your room is well-lit so you are visible during the show.  Also, please be sure to be appropriately dressed as others will be able to see you! 

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How Do You Join and Watch A Virtual Magic and Mentalism Show on Zoom?

This brief video explains how!

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