Curtis' Corporate Promo Reel 2022

Curtis' brand-new promotional video for corporate event entertainment.

Astonished Man Jumps Out of Seat During A Corporate Show

An audience member reacts in astonishment when Curtis does something utterly surprising and incredible with a number that he was merely thinking about.

Curtis Figures Out Man's Cell Phone PIN Just By Touching His Arm

The man never tells Curtis his phone's PIN, nor has he written it down previously. By simply holding Curtis' wrist and imagining himself entering in the code, Curtis is able to correctly know his number and unlock the phone.

Curtis Blows The Minds of News Anchors on KAKE-TV News

Curtis makes many appearances on local TV news stations. Here, Curtis tries to see if the two news anchors can read one another's minds, and then he gives it a shot himself; with astonishing results.

Curtis Gives Mind Reading Demonstration Before Keynote

Curtis opens a keynote presentation with a quick and fun little mind-reading experiment involving the entire audience.