How To Fool People With Mind Reading

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Featured Image Fool Everyone With This A Drinking Glass

FOOL YOUR FRIENDS WITH THIS TRICK!An Astonishing and Puzzling Stunt That Will Really Baffle Your Staff, Friends, Family, and Co-WorkersCHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOWOccasionally I get asked to teach something cool that anyone can learn to do.  After seeing something amazing, many want to know how to fool people with mind reading also, so I like to share some fun … Read More

How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers | 2020 Tutorial

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Prevent Facebook Hackers from Getting Into Your Account

Because of the Corona Virus outbreak these days, people are taking the most drastic measures to protect their health.  Unfortunately, few people are doing much to protect their online privacy and prevent hackers from getting into such things as their Facebook accounts. Today I go over 6 simple steps for making your Facebook account virtually hack-proof.  These steps are easy … Read More