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Life Message for Young Men Everywhere

Young Men Everywhere Are WANTED!Advice for Young Men Today, Collected From Great Men from Across The CenturiesAn important message for young men today–you are WANTED! Regardless of who you are;
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Dustin Tavella Wins America’s Got Talent

Surviving COVID 19, Magician Dustin Tavella Wins AGT, and Pet PeevesFive Weeks Without a Podcast–Where Have I BEEN?Listen to the Episode Below!Well, it’s been over five weeks since the last
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Brand New Podcast!

UPDATED JUNE 17, 2022 Curtis’ brand-new podcast, formerly known as “The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist,” has received a complete overhaul. It is now known simply as “The Curtis
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OP Summit 2020

Thank You, Orthopreneurs![iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]I’ve created this special blogpost to thank Mike Vidikan, Dr. Glenn Krieger, Brad Langan and Jack Droke of Langan Digital, and everyone who worked hard
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Grilling Steaks During A Traffic Jam

How To Handle Stress During a Traffic JamI was recently visiting family for my nephew’s graduation ceremony. While the event was within driving distance, I decided to book a flight
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Making Memories

Performing with An Hilarious Duo–Juggler Michael Davis and Comedy Magician Michael FinneyLife is full of wonderful moments, when we care to take the time to stop and take them in.
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Curtis Speaks at Skills USA Kansas Fall Leadership Conference

Curtis The Mentalist Delivers a Passionate Keynote Address During The Skills USA Kansas Fall Leadership ConferenceThe conference was a jam-packed two days of presentations, workshops, competitions, interviews, judging, games and