March 28, 2022

Omaha Church Sign Claimed To Be "Attack on Immigrants"

Was It Really That Bad, Or Are The Critics Just Unable To See The REAL Message?

St. Mary's Church in South Omaha, Nebraska, recently displayed a phrase on the sign on their lawn that supposedly had many people in the community "hurt and angry."  The sign read "Heaven Has Strict Immigration Laws, Hell Has Open Borders."

Was this actually a "hateful comment" and an "attack on immigrants?"  Upon closer examination, it hardly seems so; not in the least.  Yet the Church quickly apologized and removed the volunteer who did the work from their duties.  Having spent many years in Christian ministry, I take a few moments to talk about what is evidently no more than a socially programmed mind-set and a gross misunderstanding of one of the most basic and fundamental concepts of most Church doctrines.

I also talk about how recent events and events over the past several months have me convinced that the quality and service in the hospitality industry in general is at an all-time low, and what I believe is causing it.   Plus ten reasons why I don't want to do business with YOU--and by "you" I mean the very type of client that is guilty of violating ten of the most frustrating things that occur to me frequently and have for the past many years.

Why would I talk about this?  Perhaps I'm hoping that it will open the eyes of many, or I'm just venting.  I can't decide.