Pasha and Aliona Surprise the Judges with an Unexpected Performance Americas Got Talent 2021

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Man from Moscow Performs an Hilarious and Magical Dance Act

One of the Best Costume Illusions I've Seen in a Long Time


There's not much to say about this act other than it is tremendously clever, weird, fun, and highly entertaining to watch!  While so many seem to be baffled by how he's pulling it off, he tips the trick in the end only to win over the audience even more!

Pasha and Aliona surprise the judges with an unexpected performance on America's Got Talent 2021.  I give a bit of a breakdown as the video unfolds explaining some of the ways he is creating the illusion.  Don't worry; I'm not giving away andy big secrets here.  Just showing how this clever man pulls of this very creative and mesmerizing comedy magical dance act according to how he exposes it in the end.

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