October 15, 2020

Thank You, Orthopreneurs!

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I've created this special blogpost to thank Mike Vidikan, Dr. Glenn Krieger, Brad Langan and Jack Droke of Langan Digital, and everyone who worked hard and did a SUPER job putting this amazing event together, and bringing me in to entertain an amazing bunch of SUPER HEROES!  I hope you have all had a MARVEL-ous time, have been inspired, and have enjoyed this virtual mentalism and magic show as much as I have.  Okay, fine, I'll stop with the silly puns...!

I'd like to take a few moments to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you.  As a man of many secrets, it is no secret that we are living in a crazy new world--unlike anything in human history.  I'm sure many of you, like myself, have been heavily impacted by the current covid-19 situation, the lockdowns, the civil unrest, and the many things that have been happening since the beginning of the year.  Perhaps to the point of despair.  All jokes about the "mindreader didn't see that coming?" aside (I'm just an entertainer anyway, remember?  Someone who predicts random, silly things like "Weingart Pliers" and such like), no one--not even crazy old me--could have foreseen just how much the situation earlier in the year would impact us all as it has, both good and bad.  But in spite of all of this, I believe we can clearly see the wonderful opportunities that it has brought our way, and what we all need to do to make the best of those opportunities, and fulfill the needs of others, which are now much greater than perhaps they've ever been.

Early on, I saw a huge need that was begging to be met.  People were going to be locked down, businesses were going to be stifled if not closed altogether, and entire industries were going to be changed forever; especially the entertainment industry.  I began asking myself how I could take my skills, knowledge, and experience to best fulfill these needs and the answer was quite clear--virtual magic shows and mentalism shows, keynotes, and educational and inspirational virtual presentations.  The event you've just attended is only one small part of the culmination of the last several month's work, and I'm continuing to improve upon it each and every day.

It is my wish that my brief show and the events of these few days have given you a renewed vision, and inspired and helped you to take your personal lives and business to a new and better level!  In spite of how things may currently seem, I'm very hopeful that we will all soon find ourselves enjoying a fulfilling life as we embrace the "new" and give ourselves more fully to helping meet the needs of others in a new and special way.

Keep in Touch!Curtis The Mentalist headshot.

If you ever host events (whether virtual or in-person) I'd love to help you make your events in this new world we're living in fun and amazing, and give you that extra special edge in your business!  If you'd like to keep in touch, simply drop a good email address in the box below and I will send you more information about helping you put together events of your own.  Or if you have an event you're already planning, scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit your event through my short Inquiry Form.  You can even call or email my office at the information found here.

I've been working in the events entertainment industry off and on for three decades, and me and my team of creatives are ready and willing to help you make your events (whether in-person or virtual) extra special and help you grow your practice.

Thanks again for attending today's virtual mentalism show!  Stay well, and hope to see you again soon!