July 16, 2018

A Comedy Mentalism Show is Perfect Corporate Event Entertainment

It is common for many people who are looking to hire some amazing entertainment for their events to immediately think of searching for and hiring a magician; those dazzling men and women seen all over TV and YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms who have jaws dropping with their fast-paced card tricks, floating pencils, and other various stunts.
Looking To Hire A Magician? Try A Comedy Mentalist Instead
However, one thing that is fairly uncommon is that those looking to hire amazing entertainment (especially for large events) think of hiring a “mentalist.”  After all, mentalists are just weird people dressed in dark clothes with piercing stares and creepy personalities who claim they can read your thoughts, right?  Well...not really.

Two Erroneous Schools of Thought

Curtis The Mentalist on stage wearing a suit and a blindfold at the Kansas Star Casino
On the one hand, the thinking by those people searching is that surely if magicians have short but highly-entertaining videos of them amazing people walking down the street and screaming and laughing, then they certainly can pull off an hour-long stage show for 200 people for your company's annual Awards Banquet, right?
Unfortunately, while there is a slight chance that this could prove to be true, for the most part this is highly unlikely and is very flawed thinking.

Even those magical artists seen on the likes of shows such as America’s Got Talent—while they can be incredibly entertaining for 90 seconds, and are cute, well-known, etc.—aren’t likely to be the perfect fit for such events either as they rarely possess the performing expertise or experience to pull off such a task.  But they make great television.
Audience members laugh during a comedy mind reading show by Curtis The Mentalist at the Kansas Star Casino.
A couple laugh while enjoying the hilarious and amazing comedy mind reading show of Curtis The Mentalist
On the other hand,  the idea of a mind reader or mentalist walking around and reading people’s thoughts doesn’t readily conjure up images (pardon the pun) of enthusiastic dinner guests at corporate banquets having a jolly, raucous good time either.  In fact, those guests are likely a little nervous about the event, and will fight over tables at the back of the room.

Yet those who have sat through a great show of mentalism will often be found saying that they are far more astonished at the demonstrations of a mind-reader or mentalist than they are at the shiny boxes, gadgets and cleverness of magicians or illusionists.  That is, if they can stay awake through the whole show.

Mentalists Are Gaining Ground

A participating spectator smiles during the comedy mind reading act by Curtis The Mentalist at the Kansas Star Casino
These days, mentalists are beginning to gain some real ground in the corporate entertainment realm.  With little to no set-up, and lots of amazing theatricality, they dazzle audiences with their  highly-interactive demonstrations of thought reading, persuasion, memory stunts and so much more.  Add in the fact that some of the entertainment is derived from the peculiar thoughts and musings of the normal, everyday audience members who are present and you have a fantastic combination of incredible and amazing live entertainment that is unique to that specific event.  After all, what could be funnier and more amazing than the things that run through people heads?

In the hands of someone who is an expert at tastefully exploiting such things for fun, it can be one of the best forms of entertainment people have ever witnessed.  The unfortunate thing is that most mentalism isn’t very visual, and doesn’t necessarily make for good video.  And people use one to judge the other.

Curtis The Mentalist Jeffrey Nicholson Photography

When looking to hire entertainment for your next event, a comedy mentalist is one of the best choices for live entertainment that you are going to find; unless it is a rock band, dance troupe, clown, or some other form of entertainment you’re looking to hire.

A good, comedy mentalist will engage your audience, stimulate their minds, create funny and astonishing moments and make your guests feel personally involved;  leaving your event not having witnessed something afar off, but knowing that they have experienced something remarkable that somehow appeals directly to them.

Look for entertainers who have REAL PROOF of them excelling AT THE VERY THING THAT YOU ARE HIRING THEM TO DO; not just something that entertains you temporarily as a viewer or spectator through some online video.  Client testimonials, photo and video of them entertaining in front of real, paying crowds, and quality marketing materials as well as time and experience are all things that a real, professional entertainer will possess.

A lot is at stake when you are hiring LIVE entertainment for your event.

Don’t take chances. Take the extra time and effort to look at things closely and be certain of the entertainer or entertainment that you are hiring. And then when you’re done, just hire a comedy mentalist like me. You’ll thank me later, and I promise I won’t say “I told you so.”