May 2, 2022

Young Men Everywhere Are WANTED!

Advice for Young Men Today, Collected From Great Men from Across The Centuries

An important message for young men today--you are WANTED!

Regardless of who you are; what color you are,  where you're from, where you live,  your background, or your current situation and the life you've been living up to now; there is a desperate need for GOOD YOUNG MEN IN THE WORLD, and YOU ARE WANTED.

There are obstacles to be overcome and difficulties to be vanquished.

Even though you may never, ever win Olympic gold, write that hit song, build a successful business or change the world with your intellect, wit, or inventions--your name may never even be known outside of your own neighborhood--your mission is none the less a highly important one and YOU ARE WANTED!    


There is both a moral/spiritual world and a physical world, and both are in desperate need of CHAMPIONS.

The field for doing good is quite ready for harvest.

Some of the most magnificent lives have grown out of the darkest of places.  Just as beautiful flowers that have sprung up out of a stagnant stream, or a desolated area.

No possession is so productive of REAL INFLUENCE as a highly cultivated intellect.

Wealth, birth, and your status in society may and do secure for you an advantage--but it is merely external and superficial.  But these things never have--nor never will--command the reverence of the heart. This sort of thing is only given to the man with a large and noble soul.  Only those who combine a cultivated mind with a good heart will ever receive the tribute of deep and genuine respect.


Why do so many who start out so good, who work and try so hard, fail to really make something of themselves?  Because this comes at a price; they are not willing to devote themselves to the culture and work ethic which is  the price of great success.  

Even if you were born with tremendous natural ability--you're handsome, strong, smart, have a great singing voice, or whatever that ability may be...  Only the ones who study, work, and apply themselves  ever really receive true distinction.

God puts the trees in the forest and says "There are your houses--go chop them down, cut them up, frame and build them." God supplies the timber, men must do the work of building.  God buries iron in the heart of the earth, but men must dig it, smelt it, and fashion it. What is useful for body and still more what is useful for the mind is to be had only by EXERTION--exertion that will work men more than iron is wrought, that will shape men more than timber is shaped.

It is no small thing to build a house, an office building, or other type of structure.  Vision, foresight, planning, labor, fiscal responsibility, etc., all go into it. 

Building a life is no different.

Throughout history, great men have been men of THOUGHT as well as men of ACTION.  Like a raging river that has forged it's path through the earth, it's greatness is due to the hidden springs of the mountain or some other source; so does the wide-sweeping influence of distinguished men get its origin from hours of privacy.  Men resolutely employed in efforts after self-development.  The invisible spring of self-culture is the source of every great achievement.


So what?  Many a successful and distinguished man who are today household names were also the children of poverty (flash famous men for whom this is so).  These men knew the pressure of limited circumstances and have demonstrated that even poverty is no insuperable obstacle to success.

You're no different than them!  Today is the day to pull yourself up and begin your greatest work--that of self-cultivation!

Set a high price on your leisure time.  These moments are sands of precious gold.  If you use this time wisely, it will procure for you a wealth of great thoughts--thoughts that will fill, stir, invigorate, and expand your soul.

In today's internet world, the great thoughts of great men are readily available at your fingertips.  Virtually for free.  You can quickly and easily build up a collection of these.

But above all, learn to reflect on these more than you read.  Without thinking and absorbing these bits of wisdom and applying them to your life, they are worthless.  Just words on paper.  Without thought, books are the sepulchre of the soul.  They only confine it.

Let learning, thought, and application all go hand-in-hand and the intellect will rapidly increase in strength and gifts.  You will rise in character, in power, and in positive influence.

A great deal of talent is lost in the world for the want of a little courage.  Each day sends to the grave a number of obscure men who have only remained because their timidity has prevented them from making  even a very first effort.  Many of them, if they had just been encouraged to begin, would have accomplished great things.  

Don't OVERTHINK.  Decide at once upon a noble purpose; a life of meaning.  Take it up bravely, bear it off joyfully, and lay it down triumphantly.


You are born to dominion, but you must enter it by conquest and continue to do battle for every inch of ground added to your sway.  You must first conquer and dominate not only your own flesh and physical body, but your mind and spirit as well.  It is through the combined exertion of your mental and physical powers that you are able to spread your dominion over the widest possible extent of the world.

Self-control is the highest form of dominion.  "He that ruleth his own spirit is greater than he that taketh a city." Proverbs 16:32


If you think you will be happy with a wife, "Look where you are going."

  • Avoid a selfish woman, for she will sacrifice you
  • a fickle woman, for she will become estranged
  • a proud woman, for she will ruin you
  • and as fun and enticing as it may be, when it comes to a flirtatious woman--leave her to the fools who will forever flutter around her
  • and especially flee a woman who loves scandal as you would flee from the devil himself

Don't be TOO fascinated with BEAUTY, because it will blast you

  • stare at it too long, and it will blind you
  • get too close, and it will burn you
  • if you like it, it will deceive you
  • if you love it, it will disturb you
  • if you lust after it, it will destroy you
  • but if VIRTUE accompanies it, it is the HEART'S PARADISE.
  • but if vice comes along with it, it is the soul's purgatory.
  • Beauty is the wise man's bonfire and the fool's furnace.

There will come a time when you will need the arm of a good woman.

The strongest arm in this world is not the arm of a weightlifter or giant beast, but the ARM OF A WOMAN when God has put into it, through faith and submission to His will, his own moral omnipotence.


There is no moral object so beautiful as a conscientious young man.

Clouds may be before you, but we know that your light is behind you and will shine once again soon. The blaze of other people's popularity may outshine you, but you still illuminate your own sphere, even though it may remain unseen.  You resist temptation, and conquer it; but not without a fight--because without that struggle there would be no virtue. You will bear the sarcasm of the wicked, and it will sting for a while for that is just part of being a virtuous man.  You heal a wound with your own pure touch.  You don't give in to the world of fashion and style whenever it leads to sin.

A conscientious young man stands amidst the temptations of the world like a self-balanced tower.  You are happy whenever you seek and gain the prop and shelter of morality.

If God has blessed you with exceptional intelligence, then make the absolute best of it.  

Don't ever let it be said of you  that you helped swell the tide of sin by pouring your influence into it.

It is difficult to be conscientious and pure of heart.   No one is saying that it is easy.  Nothing worth doing or being ever is. 

You have the strength within you to be the type of young man that you know deep in your heart that you need to be.    

Let truth bury itself deep in your heart, and guide and influence you every step of the way.  For young men such as this are in great demand in this world.  RIGHT NOW.

You are WANTED.