Léa Kyle Gets Golden Buzzer During America’s Got Talent 2021 Auditions

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Léa Kyle wins Golden Buzzer on Americas Got Talent

AGT Judge Heidi Klum Smashes Golden Buzzer

Did She Really Deserve It?


Magic acts seem to be a popular thing this season on America's Got Talent.  Dustin Tavella delivered a heartwarming mentalism act revolving around his newly-adopted son.  Klek Entos delivered his spooky style of bizarre magic that freaked out the judges.  This young lady blew them all away with her astonishing solo quick-change act.  Heidi Klum loved it so much she gave her the coveted Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the live shows round. 
Did Léa deserve it?

Women in magic (lady magicians or female magicians in general ) are rare.  I've raised two daughters who are now in their late twenties.  Consequently I have a particular fondness for seeing lady magicians excel; and no, I don't mean that in a creepy way! 

Although she's pretty new to performing magic, this young french girl has been working with some of the best names in the business developing this act.  During her audition last week on the show, she crushed it with a stellar and polished performance.  But she truly did not expect judge Heidi Klum to do what she did.  But she did it.    

Join me by watching the video below as I take a few moments to go through various aspects of this act from start to finish and disclose whether or not I thought this act was worthy of the Golden Buzzer.  

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