July 20, 2021

Simon Cowell Says This Man is Taking Mentalism Into The Future

Is This Just More Empty Praise for Something Half-Baked for the Sake of Ratings?


There's no doubt that French mentalist and magician Kevin Micoud presented a mentalism act like nothing really seen before on America's Got Talent.  But was this really nothing more than a dazzling light show wrapped around a rather mediocre mentalism effect?

One of the biggest struggles that mentalist's face with their live performances is making their presentations visually appealing.  While this may not seem too important to the average person, it is becoming more and more important in today's world where people seem to have increasingly shorter attention spans.    

This young mentalist and family man from France seems to have solved this problem to some degree.  He has incorporated the use of holograms into his act in a highly-interactive fashion, creating eye-catching performances during his shows.  But apart from these creative and stunning visual enhancements, how strong and amazing are the mentalism effects that are presented?  If someone selects a playing card out of a deck, is it more amazing that a mentalist reveals the card via a floating and colorful image in a hologram, or by pulling the card out of their crotch (something I'm known for in comedy clubs) or writing it down on a dry-erase board?

When it comes to any mentalism or magic performance, presentation is EVERYTHING, and Kevin Micoud does a great job.  He takes a rather simple and straightforward card trick and has created a 21st century presentation for it, making it look to the average person like something "new."

But how far can he take it?  Is this type of performance going to go the way of 1970's disco (i.e. merely something bright and flashy with a short life-span)?  Or has he launched a new way of performing mentalism that will give birth to a generation of hologram mentalists or new and more visual ways to perform mind-reading stunts?     

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