August 10, 2021


An Astonishing and Puzzling Stunt That Will Really Baffle Your Staff, Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Occasionally I get asked to teach something cool that anyone can learn to do.  After seeing something amazing, many want to know how to fool people with mind reading, or "how to read your friends minds."  Often it is a younger person wanting to know how to get started as a mind reader or mentalist, or how to become a magician, etc.  Sometimes it is a CEO of a company wanting to do something special for his company that isn't cheezy or silly or especially transparent; i.e. they want a trick to fool everyone.  Sometimes a magician reveals his secrets in such as way as to share something truly amazing, but not giving away anything too well-guarded by their fellow magicians and mentalists.

That's what this special video is all about.

While at first this may seem like mind reading tricks for beginners, I assure you in the video below that in 7 minutes you will learn something fun and quite amazing that you can entertain a room of people with for several minutes and have them scratching their heads the entire time.

Take a few minutes and watch the video.  Make sure to watch the entire video and not just drop off once you find out the method, because I discuss some nuances and alternatives near the end that elevate this simple trick to a reputation-making stunt that people will beg you to do each time you see them!