August 27, 2020

What Can You Expect To Pay for a Virtual Mentalism or Magic Show?

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Today we find ourselves living in a time where live events and public entertainment venues all over the world have closed or canceled, forcing us to come up with new ways to meet, teach, learn, train, get work done, and entertain ourselves, friends, families, clients, and co-workers.  Mentalists and magicians have been leading the charge in virtual entertainment, working hard to adapt our performance materials to work with the new medium, and with great success.   Virtual magic shows and Zoom magicians, and virtual mentalists and mentalism shows are becoming increasingly popular; a fun and highly-interactive form of live entertainment that is being enjoyed by audiences of all ages and nationalities world-wide.  But how much do they cost??? Well, it depends upon a number of factors because these shows come in all shapes and sizes.  The following is a basic guideline to help you narrow it down.

Virtual Magic Shows and Mentalism Shows For The Public

A quick search online for scheduled, ticketed virtual magic or mentalism shows (open to the public and playing through various platforms) will tell you that you can expect to get tickets to a show for anywhere from $10 each on the low end, to around $35 or even $50 each or more, depending upon the type of show, how many tickets are being sold, the length of the program, and quite frankly; just how famous or in-demand the individual performer may be. Tickets are usually purchased through an online ticketing service of some kind such as Well Attended, EventBrite, or, payable usually only with a debit or credit card through a secure checkout. Consequently, you can expect to also pay a few dollars extra per ticket for processing fees. Public shows take place on a wide variety of platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live Streaming, Facebook Live, Skype, and many more.

Virtual Magic Shows and Mentalism Shows For Private Parties

If you’re having a small, private birthday party for a child or adult, or perhaps an anniversary or other private party of some kind, it’s not too uncommon to see fees ranging from $100-$500 or more, depending upon the size of your group and the length of performance that you are looking to have, or the time of day of the event. Keep in mind a convenient time for you, may be a not-so-convenient time for the performer. A typical show lasts 30 to 45 minutes, and most magicians and mentalists are more than happy to create a customized presentation for you and your party to make your event extra personalized and special.

Virtual Magic Shows and Mentalism Shows For Corporate Events

While there are no airline fees, rentals cars, meals and lodging costs to absorb, the cost of setting up and running a LIVE streaming studio on the internet can still be considerable depending upon the type of performance.  Virtual presentations for events for your company or organization can vary widely in fees, and are priced based on a number of different factors such as:

Number of Attendees/ Devices

Some platforms such as Zoom place a limit on the number of devices that are allowed to log into and stream to an event, usually based on the type of subscription account that the company or even the performer themselves have.  The larger the audience, the more resources are needed for the event and the higher the cost will be.

Length and Number of Presentations

Most professional magicians or mentalists experienced in the corporate market have a performance that is already designed to work well for corporate virtual events usually costs a bit less than having a customized presentation that includes your company logos, branding, theme, or special message that the magician or mentalist will have to prepare.
Fees for corporate groups can vary widely from event to event, and from performer to performer.  Small virtual corporate events can range from the hundreds of dollars on the extremely low end to several thousand dollars depending upon the demand and experience of the performer, the length of the program, the number of guests in attendance, and a handful of other factors.  I must point out that no two performers or shows are alike, and this information is only intended to be a general guideline.
Some performers have virtual shows that still incorporate large scale illusions, assistants, and props and are high in production value, while others produce one-man or one-woman shows with a more simple, organic, and personal style meant for more intimate audiences.  If you’re an experienced event planner who has hired a professional corporate mentalist or magician before, in general it is fairly safe to still expect to pay a performer’s usual in-person fees for a virtual event, minus any travel, lodging and other expenses.  And if it turns out that you’re paying even less than this, well it’s just an added bonus.  It's best to contact each performer's booking agent or office with information specific to your event and any budget concerns that you have.  You will then receive a quote for fees specific to your event.

Standard or Customized Performance

Some events require the magician to act as a host, presenting several short presentations between speakers or sessions at a convention, conference, or summit.  Some just want a short show at the end of a days virtual events, or a longer show as a part of an awards presentation.

Adapting To The New Virtual Entertainment Market

The virtual entertainment and events market is brand-new for all of us, and is an ever-developing work and evolving.  I and my peers in magic and mentalism have been working diligently to adapt and develop material that works well in this new medium, to give you the best possible entertainment options.
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