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Welcome to Esoterica; a place where professional mentalist and magician Curtis Waltermire shares some of his personal and professional commentary on mentalism and magic books, products, and various other things in the world of mystery entertainment.  All opinions and commentary are strictly his own and in no way a reflection of the product owners or any second or third parties.

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Social Media Accounts and Virtual Shows

"Seanchaidh" by Scott St. Clair, Some Thoughts on Virtual Shows, and A Few Announcements

"Funny" By Nick Diffatte

The Witch's Nail by Christopher Bolter (Updated)

Review of YLEM by Scott St. Clair

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Curtis Waltermire is an American speaker, mentalist, actor and businessman. Years before "preferred pronouns" were a thing or society at large lost it's mind, Curtis was known as a professional comedy "mentalist, magician, speaker, actor, U.S. Army veteran, grandpa, cool dad and above-average husband," which has been in his signature for years--even before the "grandpa" part. In recent years he's added "podcaster" and "content creator" to the list, whatever-the-hell those mean. He's been married to the same wonderful woman for 31 years, and is proud to say he dresses himself and was born way back in the 1900s.