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Looking for A Special After or Post Prom Entertainment Idea?

Each year, parents often seem to be at a loss as to what to do in order to make their children's after prom or post prom event a special evening to remember.  Budgets are a concern, as well as offering something that will be fun and memorable, all the time while keeping their energetic youth somewhat contained and behaving responsibly.  They are trying hard to answer the question "What can we do for the kids that is truly FUN that will engage and entertain them?"

All too often, local bands, DJs, and hypnotists seem to be at the top of the bill.  Some groups hire inflatable rides or entertainment companies to host game shows or other such items.  This is typical prom entertainment.  This year, however, your kids want something very different.  Something that they will remember the rest of their lives; something that their older brothers and sisters didn't have when they were in school.

Curtis The Mentalist on the Nov 2015 Cover of Splurge Magazine

Curtis The Mentalist on the November 2015 issue of Splurge! Magazine

Hire a mindreader for after or post prom entertainment!

I know that this sounds a bit strange or weird, but don't let the term "mindreader" fool you.  I have been entertaining youth with my unique form of entertainment for many, many years.  My shows aren't full of dark, bizarre, or disturbing spiritual phenomena, but are rather highly interactive and fun, loaded with humor and amazement unlike anything they've ever seen.  The shows play to crowds of all sizes--from only 10 or 20 students to as many as several hundred.

Students get excited as they get a chance to win a REAL $100 bill in a test of psychological influence that is as funny as it is amazing. Their acting abilities are put to the test as I challenge them with my "Human Lie Detector Test" and do a blindfolded act with duct tape that will have them cringing in astonishment.  These are just a few things that have been well received during my after prom shows in the past, and I know will be a hit at your upcoming after prom.  

Most shows last approximately 45-60 minutes, but can be lengthened or shortened as needed to fit the evening's events.  The show is also completely self-contained and requires little to no set-up.


My after-prom mentalism shows are:

  • Fast-paced
  • Highly-interactive, sometimes involving the entire audience
  • Challenging to the minds of the youth
  • Easy to set-up and take down in 5 minutes or less
  • Great for playing for small groups to several hundred.
  • Very clean and age-appropriate
  • The most UNIQUE and AMAZING entertainment they will remember for a lifetime!

What do some students have to say about my previous shows?

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