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Curtis Waltermire is an inspiring and motivational keynote speaker, presenter and entertainer who will take your event to the next level!  Over the last 30 years he has built businesses, and performed and presented for major corporations all throughout the United States. Curtis combines his experiences, wisdom and knowledge into highly-engaging and entertaining talks and presentations; ones that are guaranteed to leave powerful and lasting impressions on your attendees. No vapid psycho-babble.  No razzle-dazzle without substance.  Just real-world insights and experiences presented in a unique and highly-entertaining manner!  Whether you're planning a conference, a corporate retreat, seminar or a team-building session, Curtis's transformative and motivational keynotes provide valuable insights, as well as amazing and actionable takeaways.


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"Curtis just gave THE BEST SPEECH to our students about being a champion!  Thank you Mr. Waltermire!"

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"I smell an Emmy Award."
Howard Stern
"That is the DAMNEDEST thing I've ever seen in my LIFE!"
Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Champion
"Over-the-top, EXTRAORDINARILY entertaining!"
Rigby Carey, CTHB Investments
"Professional, witty, and totally ASTOUNDING!"
Linda Bowlby, Rubbermaid Corp.
"Truly entertaining!"
Wendy, Speedy Cash Holdings
"Attendees literally lined up outside the door, waiting to get in."
Tad Stricker, Coury Hospitality
"Curtis just gave THE BEST speech to our students about BEING A CHAMPION!"
Amber McNew, Kansas Business Professionals of America