Curtis The Mentalist Press Kit

For Comedy Clubs, Talent Agencies, and more.


"That is the DAMNEDST thing I've ever seen in my LIFE!"

Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Racing Champion

"I smell an Emmy Award."

Howard Stern

"Over-the-top, EXTRAORDINARILY entertaining!"

Rigby Carey, CTHB Investments

Driving while blindfolded with the judges of America's Got Talent.

With Ms. Woman United States 2017,  Sierra Scott.


Comedy Club Promo Reel

About The Show:

  • Show length: 75 minutes
  • Highly-interactive with direct audience participation


  • One small table or stool
  • 3 small chairs
  • One mic stand
  • Wireless lavaliere or headset microphone preferred, but can work with corded, hand-held mic if necessary
  • For larger rooms of 200 or more, a second microphone may be needed for audience members (again, wireless is best but not mandatory)
  • Enough black or blue ink pens (no pencils) on tables for most everyone in attendance.

Show Description:

Curtis Waltermire has been putting the "mental" in "mentalist" for over 25 years. Mind reading has never been funnier! He tells you what you're thinking, the things that you shouldn't be, and so much more!

Join us for a hilarious and exciting show where you get a chance to win other people's money, watch Curtis pull something you're thinking about out of his pants, reveal words in your mind written somewhere on his body, and other mind-blowing and crazy shenanigans! It's a show that's as unpredictably funny as it is amazing. Don't miss this highly-interactive, extraordinary and hysterical LIVE show!

Brief Biography:

Curtis has loved the entertainment arts for as long as he can remember.  Originally from a small town St. Joseph, Illinois, as a young man, he was generally shy and introverted, yet he found he could win approval from people with his talents--which ranged from singing and playing musical instruments, to acting in theatre and videos, stand-up comedy and performing stage magic.

His love for comedy began in 7th grade when he read comedy stories to his class each week during English class.  While not necessarily a class clown, this quiet kid would come alive in front of the class, and his comical way of reading the stories would cause explosions of laughter that surprised even his teachers.

For over 30 years, Curtis has combined his mystery and comedic talents to present highly unusual, mind-bending and hilarious entertainment all over the country.  Currently enjoying life as an empty-nester, he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.