September 29, 2021

Surviving COVID 19, Magician Dustin Tavella Wins AGT, and Pet Peeves

Five Weeks Without a Podcast--Where Have I BEEN?

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Well, it's been over five weeks since the last episode, and I've got some s'plainin' to do!

Well, part of that was because I was smitten with the dreaded COVID-19 and it really hit me hard--like "three trips to the Emergency Room" hard.  Today on the show I talk about how I survived this ridiculous Coronavirus, a little bit about this year's America's Got Talent winner Dustin Tavella and some of the flack I received from some YouTube viewers about my video where I reacted to his first audition.  Just setting the record straight on some things.

This week is an audio-only podcast and I've been busy traveling with shows over the last couple of weeks and playing catch-up after being out of commission for so long.

It's great to be back.  Have a listen here on the page or on any of the podcast players below.  You can also find the podcast on Pandora, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Podbean, Player FM, and Listen Notes.