August 27, 2017

Let a Mentalist or Magician Help You Promote Your Brand

Large corporations discovered a long time ago that creative and talented magicians, mentalists, and illusionists are very good at coming up with clever and entertaining ways to promote products, brands, and services.  They have employed them as pitchmen (and women) at their trade shows, expos, conventions, and other corporate functions with great success.

In the video below, I recently featured a blindfolded car drive with an insurance agent who had never experienced this sort of bewilderment before.  He was unnerved, to say the least.

The Benefits of Customized Content

What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional entertainer such as a mentalist or magician to create and present customized content for your brand?

Separates Your Product, Service, or Brand from the Competition

In today's world, there are so many companies and brands out there using the similar images, music, jokes, etc. to get their messages across.  The ones that truly stand out and soar above the rest are the ones that take risks and experiment with doing extraordinary things.

While no insurance company in their right mind would endorse doing something so dangerous as driving blindfolded, the message is clear:  people who think their insurance needs are difficult, unusual, or impossible to meet can be assured that there is a company out there who can take care of them and have their best interests at heart.

It Eliminates the "Hard Sell"

No one on planet earth likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to be entertained.  While some products or services lend themselves more naturally to being entertaining, others do not.

One of the most basic concepts I endeavor to get across when teaching amateur magicians and mentalists is that the method of a trick isn't nearly as important as the presentation; that audiences don't really care to know the "how" as long as they are enthralled and entertained by what is done.  It is important to make the audience care about what it is you're doing, and why they should be spending their time and effort watching you.  If that doesn't happen in the first few moments of a performance, then even the cleverest of tricks will receive lukewarm response and attention regardless of the talent of the magician, mentalist, or other performer.  It is no different with a product, service, or brand.

It Creates A Personal Connection

Making people laugh, cry, or feel inspired or moved in some way reminds them of what living is all about and offers them something personal and wonderful.  When people are absolutely convinced that something is of real benefit to them or otherwise satisfies a real personal need, they are often willing to pay a considerable amount of money to have it.

In that last sentence I almost added the phrase "within reason."  Then I was reminded of Saturday nights' big match between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor where tons of fans paid a whopping $100 or so just to watch the fight on pay-per-view.  There is nothing reasonable about that in the least. Especially if those paying that price couldn't really afford it.

Does your product, service, or brand appeal to people in such a way that they will clamor in such fashion to get it or to have it?

The Hard Work of Creativity

Coming up with something fresh, fun, new, attention-getting, etc., is no easy task.  Many, many hours were consumed in putting together the video shown above in order to produce 60 seconds of final content.  It is no different with planning live corporate events.

Many company event planners find themselves just repeating things for their LIVE events that they've always done for the sake of simplicity.  The time and effort it takes putting together something new can be tremendous, and that is where me and my team of creatives come into play.

Having amazing events that are affordable, memorable, and beneficial to all involved doesn't have to be a burden borne only by a single planner or small group.  You're not in this alone.

We are here to help make what you do absolutely amazing and impactful.
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