Curtis Drives Blindfolded During Blacktop Nationals

Curtis The MentalistWhere Can You See Curtis Perform?

Kansas Magician and Mentalist Curtis Waltermire speaking to the crowd at Blacktop Nationals 2013 before his blindfold drive stunt.

Professional Mentalist & Magician Curtis Waltermire addresses the crowd before driving triple-blindfolded during the 2013 Blacktop Nationals Autocross Event.

To see the full Wichita Eagle story, visit the story about Curtis The Mentalist’s blindfolded car drive at Blacktop Nationals by clicking here.

Curtis spent a few minutes on-live radio before the stunt on Wichita’s BRAND-NEW 99.7 Lite FM’s “The Brett Harris in the Morning Show” with Brett Harris and former “News Goddess” Anita Cochran.  Curtis demonstrated his “remote vision” ability live on-air.  Brett tested two blindfolds before Curtis donned them and Curtis was still able to tell Anita what objects she was staring at in the room by “seeing through her eyes.”  In this case the object happened to be the pair of scissors Anita is brandishing in the photo below.

Lite FM With Brett Harris and Anita Cochran

“If he nails this, I’m going to freak out!”–Brett Harris

He nailed it.

The stunt was video taped live for an upcoming episode of the PBS show “Street Rodding American Style” with David Wolfe.  The episode will air sometime later in the fall of 2013.

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