July 7, 2021

He Claims That He Has "Developed Sort Of Psychic Powers"

I Reveal Some of the Subtle Psychological Trickery
Many of my fans and friends who know me well realize that I'm not one to reveal methods of other magicians or mentalists.  However, when performers try to sell their mentalism or magic performances as displays of "real" abilities, or in this case, "developed sort-of psychic powers," I find it difficult to keep my mouth shut.  Especially when such performers appear on shows like America's Got Talent.  

EDIT:  My apologies to Peter for misspelling his last name at the time this was published.  That was not intentional.  It was months before I noticed it, but to preserve SEO mojo it is best to leave it spelled like it is.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the little (and I must say rather ridiculous) riff that exists in the world of mentalism and mystery entertainment, let me briefly fill you in.

You see, one faction of our rather small, esoteric group fully performs for the sheer enjoyment of it.  We realize fully that we are nothing more than entertainers who choose to use our skills to entertain people in a fun, interesting, and unusual manner.   I say "we" because I am obviously of this persuasion of mentalist.  The other faction (yes, there are basically two) realizes that the public-at-large has a general belief in "spiritual" things, and exploit this by using methods of trickery.  They convince people that they possess some "special abilities," using trickery as convincers. That they can even do things like help them solve important personal problems, or contact their dead loved ones from beyond the grave.

What makes this even more ridiculous is that many of them go so far as to believe their own lie.  A somewhat out-dated term used to define these people is "shut-eyes"; referring to those who believe their own trickery.

In the following video, while I do not reveal some of the more specific methods of trickery that Peter Antoniou used in his act on America's Got Talent, I do reveal enough of the trickery that demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt that he absolutely does NOT possess any psychic powers.

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