What Does Curtis Need To Perform at Your Event?

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Curtis' stage/platform comedy mentalism shows contain a high degree of audience interaction and direct participation.  It is highly important that audiences are able to SEE and HEAR CLEARLY, as well as have safe and clear access to and from the performance area. 

For maximum enjoyment of the show, it is important that the show maintain a natural and fast-paced flow with absolutely no outside distractions.  While Curtis’ shows are fast-paced and light-hearted in nature, it is imperative that he has the audience’s undivided attention at all times.  Following the criteria outlined in this rider will ensure maximum enjoyment of Curtis’ show with minimal to no distractions.


The stage/platform/performance area should be a MINIMUM of 16’ x 8’ (wide x deep).  Though the larger the space, the better.

A raised platform/stage is preferred for audiences larger than 50 people.  As a general guideline: 12” high for every 100 people.


The stage should be located against a wall in a central location with no dance floor (or any other large gap of space) directly in front. This is mandatory.  If there is a permanent dance floor in front of the stage, then seating must be placed on the dance floor no more than 10 feet away from the front of the stage prior to the start of the event. The seating can then be removed from the dance floor following the show. Please make sure this is coordinated with the catering staff ahead of time so they are prepared. 

Too much space between Curtis and the audience makes the show extremely difficult, and even impossible, to perform.  This image shows a horrible set up for a performance, with a huge dance floor in the middle and the audience to the extreme left or right of the stage area.  


A set of steps or stairs is required for stages higher than 12”, on either side of the FRONT EDGE (not on the sides)  with direct access down to the audience.

ALL SEATING IS TO BE IN FRONT OF THE STAGE, not behind or to the extreme sides of the stage.  This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  People seated to the extreme left or right of the stage, platform, or performance area will not be able to see or enjoy the majority of the performance.  As odd as it may seem, it is better to have a narrow and deep seating arrangement than a wide and shallow one.  Guests being seated at a distance from the front of the stage can still enjoy the show whereas those seated to the extreme left or right of the stage, though they are closer to the performer, often cannot.  Please keep the stage away from traffic and noisy areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, bar, main entrances, etc.

Audio System

Curtis must be both SEEN and HEARD!

Curtis can provide his own sound system setup for a performance, though it is often easier and more practical to use systems already in place at most venues.

If CURTIS PROVIDES his own sound system, the following is necessary:

A 110-V power outlet, within 25’ of the performance, stage, or platform area.

If CLIENT/VENUE PROVIDES the sound equipment, the following is necessary:

A PA system with TWO WIRELESS, HAND-HELD MICROPHONES.  These MUST BE IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION with brand-new batteries installed just prior to the performance.  For audiences of 300 people or more, THREE microphones will be needed.  The additional microphones are passed around in the audience occasionally during the performance, and they must be able to be used without any feedback or interference, and must not pop, hiss, or work intermittently due to poor signal.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT especially for large groups.     

One adjustable-height, vertical, free-standing microphone stand.

Absolutely NO PODIUMS or LECTERNS with microphones  in the immediate performance space.

Client or venue must also provide someone to monitor the sound equipment; volume levels, feedback, etc, AT ALL TIMES DURING THE PERFORMANCE.  If Curtis has to provide someone to do this, the client must absorb all additional costs of providing this service.

Curtis uses a portable, remote-controlled music and sound cue playback system for every show.  PA system at the venue must be able to accomodate a 3.5mm auxiliary input audio cable or an XLR cable.  All music, sound cues, etc., are controlled by Curtis via remote control while he performs on the stage.   


Curtis has an excellent, entertaining, and informative slideshow that loops over several minutes that guests can enjoy during dinner or anytime before or after the show.  The presentation is full of fun and interesting pics from Curtis' performances, jokes, games and brain teasers, as well as information that audience members need to know and can expect during the performance.  A screen(s) and projector that will accomodate an Apple Keynote slideshow presentation is necessary.  If a Microsoft or PC version is necessary, please let us know.  

While the video slideshow can really enhance the performance for the event, it is not necessary if your event is not already using a projector or screen for other things.  If you will not be using this for your event, please let us know in advance.  


The show takes place both ON STAGE/PLATFORM AREA, as well as IN THE AUDIENCE, so both areas MUST BE VERY WELL LIT. The existing room lighting is usually sufficient, but if the room is dimly lit for "mood lighting" during dinner, the lights must be brought up to full strength during the performance.

If the venue has theatrical lighting, please give a full basic stage wash and adjustable house lights. No color gels are to be used front of house. However, color breakup on the rear wall or curtain is fine if available.


A minimum of 60 minutes is needed to load in, set-up, and do sound checks PRIOR to the audience’s arrival at the venue.  This time may vary from the time that the event actually starts, so if you know some people show up early let us know and we will adjust Curtis set up and take down arrival time.


Please notify Curtis of any special parking arrangements at the venue for before, during, and after the show.

Include information about where he may load in equipment to set up the show.

During The Show


Since the performance relies heavily on direct audience participation, the performance will not take place DURING a meal.

If the performance is a part of a large after-dinner presentation, then it must take place immediately AFTER the dinner and BEFORE any keynote addresses and/or awards presentations.

Absolutely NO BEVERAGE OR WAITSTAFF SERVICE whatsoever during the performance.  Not even bussing/clearing of tables.  It is best if tables are cleared before the show starts.  Catering and waitstaff must be fully informed not to be serving or working in the area while the show is in progress.

Curtis is to be informed of any other acts, performers, speakers, etc. prior to the event.  Other performers or presenters are not to be onstage setting up or otherwise distracting in any way during Curtis’ performance.  They should be set up prior to the beginning of Curtis’ performance.

CELL PHONE USE:  PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE an announcement must be made by either the client or venue staff that there is to be NO USE OF CELLULAR PHONES (whether texting or otherwise) while the show is underway.  For the sake of everyone involved, ALL CELL PHONES and other electronic devices such as iPads, laptops, Notebooks, etc., MUST BE TURNED OFF AND NOT IN USE IN ANY WAY DURING THE PERFORMANCE.  If there is an existing emergency situation that necessitates cell phone use, Curtis must be informed and arrangements made prior to the show to accommodate this.

DRUNK OR UNRULY GUESTS.  Drunk or unruly guests who interrupt or otherwise disrupt a performance are the responsibility of the client.  Curtis reserves the right to stop or discontinue a show if one or more guests become persistently unruly or disruptive, whether it is due to intoxication, using electronic devices, or any other reason.  Please note this is extremely rare and is only a last resort.


While Curtis reserves the right to make his own video and/or audio recordings of the show, there is to be no other video and/or audio recordings of the show in any manner without Curtis’ prior consent.  Persons who record video copies of the performance and upload them to the internet without Curtis’ express permission may be held liable. 

Still photographs, however, are highly encouraged!


Any meals or beverages provided to Curtis and/or his staff should be made available prior to the performance.


Here are a few videos taken from some live corporate shows that can hopefully help answer any additional questions you may have.

You can also contact our office.  Please click here for contact info.