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Life Message for Young Men Everywhere

Young Men Everywhere Are WANTED!Advice for Young Men Today, Collected From Great Men from Across The CenturiesAn important message for young men today–you are WANTED! Regardless of who you are;
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Should You See Adam Carolla Live?

What is the Adam Carolla Live Show Really Like?My Experience with Meeting The Man and Seeing A Recent ShowIf you don’t know who Adam Carolla is, then I must say
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Aaron Rodgers Owns Chicago Bears Fans

Aaron Rodgers Owns Chicago Bears Fans, Or So He Says.And as a lifelong Bears Fan (born and raised in Illinois), I thought it was hilarious.Rivalries between sports teams and their
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Performing During The Pandemic

A few months back after things first shut down due to the pandemic of COVID-19, I was a guest on Good Morning Kakeland and spoke about making the eventual shift
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How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers | 2020 Tutorial

Because of the Corona Virus outbreak these days, people are taking the most drastic measures to protect their health.  Unfortunately, few people are doing much to protect their online privacy
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Facebook Imposters: How To Deal With Someone Impersonating You

A friend sends you a Facebook message, warning you that you’ve been hacked. “HACKED???” Don’t worry, you’ve very likely not been hacked at all.  In most cases it is merely
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Harry Anderson Magician | My Early Influence in Magic

April 16th, 2020, marked the two-year anniversary of the passing of legendary comedy magician Harry Anderson.  Here, I take a few minutes to do a couple of things in his
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Mentalism Card Trick Tutorial [With A BORROWED Deck]

When it comes to learning card tricks, your average person typically wants to be able to do something that requires no difficult sleight-of-hand, can be done “anywhere/anytime,” and will absolutely
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How To Throw Cards Machine Gun Style [Two Simple Methods]

There are a lot of videos out there teaching how to throw playing cards.  But how many of them teach you to throw them “machine-gun” style? Here professional comedy magician
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Safe Home Entertainment During Coronavirus Quarantine

**UPDATE TO THIS POST** I am now offering Virtual Magic Shows and Mentalism Shows for your events!  Click or tap here for information about booking a virtual show for your
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Hacking A Mobile Phone PIN

Curtis Hacks The Cell Phone PIN of TV Host Shane KonickyThis morning I had some fun with Shane Konicki of KWCH 12 News during one of several “Where’s Shane?” segments. 
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Blowing Minds at Wichita State University

Reading The Minds of Some of the Students This past week I was out pounding the pavement and promoting my new show “The Mastermind Show” on the campus of Wichita