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Life Message for Young Men Everywhere

Young Men Everywhere Are WANTED!Advice for Young Men Today, Collected From Great Men from Across The CenturiesAn important message for young men today–you are WANTED! Regardless of who you are;
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Should You See Adam Carolla Live?

What is the Adam Carolla Live Show Really Like?My Experience with Meeting The Man and Seeing A Recent ShowIf you don’t know who Adam Carolla is, then I must say
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How To Fool People With Mind Reading

FOOL YOUR FRIENDS WITH THIS TRICK!An Astonishing and Puzzling Stunt That Will Really Baffle Your Staff, Friends, Family, and Co-WorkersOccasionally I get asked to teach something cool that anyone can
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How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers | 2020 Tutorial

Because of the Corona Virus outbreak these days, people are taking the most drastic measures to protect their health.  Unfortunately, few people are doing much to protect their online privacy
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Facebook Imposters: How To Deal With Someone Impersonating You

A friend sends you a Facebook message, warning you that you’ve been hacked. “HACKED???” Don’t worry, you’ve very likely not been hacked at all.  In most cases it is merely
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How To Handle Scammers | Be A Jerk

Scammers are everywhere these days, and it seems like there is only ONE way to deal with them: be a total JERK! During this weeks video blogpost, I briefly talk
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What Is A Mentalist? Different Than A Magician?

What Is A Mentalist?What Does A Mentalist Do?Perhaps you are one of millions of people who have seen the hit television show played by the handsome actor Simon Baker; yet
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Magic World Mourns Deaths This Past Week of Many Great Magicians

Johnny Thompson, Marshall Brodien, and Steve Dusheck Take Their Final BowThe world of magic and magicians is actually a world that is very small.  While the approximate number of performing
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Have You Been “Hacked?”

A Common Facebook ScamYou wake up one morning and take a look at your Facebook account while you’re having your coffee.  You notice that little red number on your Facebook
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Grilling Steaks During A Traffic Jam

How To Handle Stress During a Traffic JamI was recently visiting family for my nephew’s graduation ceremony. While the event was within driving distance, I decided to book a flight
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The Las Vegas Tragedy

Time To Focus on What’s Really ImportantWhat happened Sunday night, October 1st, 2017, in Las Vegas was absolutely horrific.  While the city has had it’s share of terrible crimes over
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What Corporate Event Entertainers Need–Sound Equipment

Setting Up Sound and Lighting for Your EventAs I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the two most important things for a corporate event entertainer to have a successful performance is that