“It’ll Be Great EXPOSURE…”

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Curtis The Mentalist Speaks About The Myth of Performing For Exposure

I started in the entertainment business over 30 years ago, and still today I occasionally get this phrase from someone who is holding an event and needs entertainment, an MC, speaker, etc. [TRANSLATION: “We have no money but are hoping that you are just desperate or eager enough to come and work for free (and you must be because we’ve … Read More

Performing in the Dark

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Stage Lighting Should Not Suck

The importance of good, quality stage lighting for live performances can never be stressed enough.   If a performer cannot be easily seen or heard during a performance, it is pointless to even have a show.  I had some fun recently performing for a great group of people in a small town at one of their local theaters.  They worked hard … Read More

Customized Messages and Presentations for Companies and Brands

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Insurance Agent Freaks Out at Blindfolded Driver

Large corporations discovered a long time ago that creative and talented magicians, mentalists, and illusionists are very good at coming up with clever and entertaining ways to promote products, brands, and services.  They have employed them as pitchmen (and women) at their trade shows, expos, conventions, and other corporate functions with great success. In the video below, I recently featured … Read More

Planning Holiday Party Entertainment

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Ideal Dinner Show Curtis Mentalist Kansas Star Casino

Find this helpful? Please SHARE IT ! So the burden of putting together the company party has suddenly fallen upon you.  You’ve been given few resources, a limited budget, and–worst of all–very little time to put it all together, and it still BETTER BE GOOD! Take comfort in the fact that  you’re not alone.  I know it actually ISN’T that … Read More