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The Mastermind Show Podcast with Curtis The Mentalist

Curtis has a brand-new podcast, and is having a lot of fun with it:  "The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist." But if you think it's just going to be boring talk about how to read minds, astrology, mysterious and supernatural stuff...think again.

Anyone that knows Curtis or has seen him perform, knows he's no such style of mentalist, and would rather have a lot of fun than just about anything else.  It's an entertaining and fun podcast for anyone and everyone ages 18 and up.  Funny gig stories, the latest scams and cons, mental life hacks, weird and unusual news and history, tricks of the mind, and just about anything else he finds interesting and funny and thinks you will too.  Curtis shares all of these things and more from his perspective of over  50 years on the planet and 30 years in business, as well as stories from life as an entertainer. 

Aaaand he might have a guest or two…once in a while…maybe.


You can see the website for the podcast by clicking here.

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Curtis Waltermire is an American professional comedy magician, mentalist, entertainer and tech nerd who combines over 30 years of experience in business, teaching, speaking, music, humor, magic and mind-reading to create dynamic and highly entertaining performances and presentations. His one-man, comedy mind-reading show has been performed for hundreds of corporate and private audiences throughout the United States since the late 1980s. He also makes part of his living as a professional actor, frequently landing bit roles and extra roles in TV commercials, feature, independent and industrial films, and commercial printwork advertisements. He is an 8-year, Persian-Gulf Era U.S. Army Veteran (whose oldest daughter is also a former U.S. Marine) and an overall shameless supporter of American military troops. His most amazing feat is being married 29 years to the same woman, raising two fantastic daughters, and playing with his grandson. When not performing he enjoys stand-up comedy, playing guitar and piano, spending time with his grandson Lane, rigorous swim workouts, fine wine, whiskey, dark-roasted coffee and premium cigars. He also speaks fluent French and Spanish. He wears many hats and often refers to himself as a "Mentalist/Magician/Actor/Grandpa/Cool Dad & Above-Average Husband." He can be found on the web at