April 1, 2022

Will Shane Stab His Hand with a Steak Knife?

Creating an Intense Moment with the Host of Wichita's #1 Rated Morning Show
Curtis Waltermire and Shane Konicki perform Steak Knife routine on KWCH 12

I was recently invited once again to perform for a few live, on-air segments on KWCH Channel 12's number one rated morning show "Where's Shane?" with host Shane Konicki.

Shane has asked me to come on his show many times, and he is always a lot of fun.  There are three segments, each shot LIVE on location at the Loony Bin Comedy Club in Wichita, KS. I deliberately never tell him completely what I'm about to do, so the reactions you see from him in each spot are completely genuine.

In the last segment of the morning, I present my newest variation on a classic Russian-Roulette style premise where four steak knife handles are wrapped with paper lunch sacks.  Only one of them actually contains a blade attached to it (non-retractable, REAL steak knives from Wal-Mart).  They've been carefully altered so that three contain no blades or sharp edges, and the fourth one does. The weight of each is precisely the same and cannot be determined by handling each one to determine which is heaviest, lighter, etc.  The paper sacks also have not been marked nor altered in any way.

Watch Shane's reaction as he mixes up the knives and we each take turns stabbing our hands.

You see all three videos by clicking here.