September 4, 2017

Reading The Minds of Some of the Students

This past week I was out pounding the pavement and promoting my new show "The Mastermind Show" on the campus of Wichita State University.  Due to the Holiday of Labor Day Weekend, I knew that with many people out of town that attendance for the show might be down a bit, so I went to WSU to offer some free tickets to the students and entertain them for a brief while when they were between classes.  I entertained numerous students over the course of an hour or so, and their reactions to my various mind reading and mentalism stunts were classic.

In the video below, I wrote down a few names and items on a pink slip of paper and placed it in a window envelope and clipped it to a lanyard hung around my neck.  It remained there the entire time.  I then stopped a few students as they walked by and asked them to each name a word, picture, and number that summed up their day and what they were thinking about.

Watch their reactions as they opened the closed slip, only to find their own names written upon the slip, as well as the very things that they just thought of and mentioned.

The Mastermind Show is a full-evening, comedy mentalism and mind reading show that plays at the Loony Bin Comedy Club in Wichita, KS, on the first Saturday of each month (except December).  Tickets are $15.  The show sells to capacity each month so advanced reservations are encouraged.

To reserve tickets, visit the website by clicking here, or call the Loony Bin ticket office at 316-618-4242.