Touch This Man And He Will Know Your PIN!

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Mind Hacking A Cell Phone

I was having some fun today at our local weekly gathering of entrepreneurs at 1 Million Cups Wichita.  I asked this man if I could borrow his cell phone and his mind and try a little experiment.  This is what happened: “1 Million Cups” is a weekly gathering of entrepreneurs and local creatives who present and discuss business ideas over … Read More

Planning Holiday Party Entertainment

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Ideal Dinner Show Curtis Mentalist Kansas Star Casino

Stress-Free Last Minute Holiday Party PlanningSo the burden of putting together the company Holiday or Christmas party has suddenly fallen upon you.  You’ve been given few resources, a limited budget, and–worst of all–very little time to put it all together, and it still BETTER BE GOOD! Take comfort in the fact that  you’re not alone.  I know it actually ISN’T … Read More

Entertainment for After or Post Prom

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After or Post Prom Entertainment

Looking for A Special After or Post Prom Entertainment Idea?Each year, parents often seem to be at a loss as to what to do in order to make their children’s after prom or post prom event a special evening to remember.  Budgets are a concern, as well as offering something that will be fun and memorable, all the time while … Read More

Making Memories

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Curtis The Mentalist with Michael Davis juggler and comedy magician Michael Finney.

Life is full of wonderful moments, when we care to take the time to stop and take them in. I am very guilty at times of being on the go so much or keeping busy with my business that I miss some of those things. Well last year I had a couple of special memories that really stand out, and … Read More

Mentalist Predicts Exact Outcome of NBC World Series Championship

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NBC Prediction Display Envelope

Saturday, August 8th–On a very hot (100 degrees) and humid evening, Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell opened the sealed envelope Saturday night that he received three weeks prior to the final championship game.   In this video, Mayor Longwell opens the envelope and reads the contents of the prediction, which included several factors.  Before the letter was opened, I presented three different daily … Read More

How Do You Know You’re Hiring A Professional Entertainer?

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It’s not exactly news to everyone that the internet is full of people posturing themselves as “professionals” and even “experts.” So many of us that search out virtually anything on the web are often easily influenced by how things appear on the surface. We want to quickly find what it is we are looking for and get on with life. … Read More

Curtis Drives Legendary Indy 500 Champion While Blindfolded

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Bobby Unser Likes Curtis The Mentalist

Comedy Mentalist Curtis Waltermire Drives Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Racing Champion, Down a Mountainside Near Beaver Lake, ArkansasThe three-time Indianapolis 500 Champion race car driver Bobby Unser had many things to say as he sat in the passenger seat of the car during Curtis’ recent blindfolded car drive.  “This is the DAMNEDEST thing I’ve EVER SEEN!” he said as … Read More