Kevin Micoud AGT 2021 Audition

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French mentalist Kevin Micoud's Mind Transmission Act on AGT 2021

Simon Cowell Says This Man is Taking Mentalism Into The FutureIs This Just More Empty Praise for Something Half-Baked for the Sake of Ratings? WATCH MY REACTION VIDEO BELOW! There’s no doubt that French mentalist and magician Kevin Micoud presented a mentalism act like nothing really seen before on America’s Got Talent.  But was this really nothing more than a … Read More

Crazy Mind Reader Reaction AGT Psychic Peter Antionou

Curtis The MentalistCrazy Mind Reader Reaction Videos

Peter Antoniou and Curtis The Mentalist

He Claims That He Has “Developed Sort Of Psychic Powers”I Reveal Some of the Subtle Psychological Trickery WATCH MY REACTION VIDEO BELOW! Many of my fans and friends who know me well realize that I’m not one to reveal methods of other magicians or mentalists.  However, when performers try to sell their mentalism or magic performances as displays of “real” … Read More

Léa Kyle Gets Golden Buzzer During America’s Got Talent 2021 Auditions

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Léa Kyle wins Golden Buzzer on Americas Got Talent

AGT Judge Heidi Klum Smashes Golden BuzzerDid She Really Deserve It? WATCH MY REACTION VIDEO BELOW! Magic acts seem to be a popular thing this season on America’s Got Talent.  Dustin Tavella delivered a heartwarming mentalism act revolving around his newly-adopted son.  Klek Entos delivered his spooky style of bizarre magic that freaked out the judges.  This young lady blew … Read More

9-Year-Old Magician Americas Got Talent Amazing Shoji Mind Reader Reacts

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9 year old magician Shoji photo performing before the judges of America's Got Talent

Will The Amazing Shoji Be The Next Child Star to Win America’s Got Talent? WATCH MY REACTION VIDEO BELOW! Loyal fans of have seen a vast variety of magic acts on the show this season from the spooky and creepy Klek Entos making a tarantula appear and disappear to Dustin Tavella’s mental magic. But there have been none like this … Read More

Back To Normal 2021: Entertainment After COVID-19 Pandemic

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Post Pandemic Entertainment Boom Image

Post Pandemic Corporate Party Entertainment Is Coming Back! For some time, many have been wondering if in-person events in 2021 are going to be happening to any real degree.  With so many people getting most of their information, education, news, and entertainment through virtual streaming platforms and online over the past year, have they seemingly become immune to “Zoom Fatigue” … Read More

Brand New Podcast!

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The Mastermind Show Podcast with Curtis The Mentalist

Curtis has a brand-new podcast, and is having a lot of fun with it:  “The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist.” But if you think it’s just going to be boring talk about how to read minds, astrology, mysterious and supernatural stuff…think again. Anyone that knows Curtis or has seen him perform, knows he’s no such style of mentalist, and … Read More

OP Summit 2020

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Curtis The Mentalist performs a virtual magic show and mentalism show for the 2020 Orthopreneurs Summit

Thank You, Orthopreneurs! [iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″] I’ve created this special blogpost to thank Mike Vidikan, Dr. Glenn Krieger, Brad Langan and Jack Droke of Langan Digital, and everyone who worked hard and did a SUPER job putting this amazing event together, and bringing me in to entertain an amazing bunch of SUPER HEROES!  I hope you have all had … Read More

How Much Does An Online Virtual Magic Show or Zoom Magician Cost?

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How much does a virtual magic show cost

What Can You Expect To Pay for a Virtual Mentalism or Magic Show?Scroll Down or Check Out The Video Above for a General Breakdown! Today we find ourselves living in a time where live events and public entertainment venues all over the world have closed or canceled, forcing us to come up with new ways to meet, teach, learn, train, … Read More

Operation Underground Rescue Virtual Mentalism Show Benefit for World Day Against Trafficking In Persons

Curtis The MentalistVirtual Magic and Mentalism Shows

Virtual Mentalism Show on July 30th to benefit Operation Underground Rescue

July 30th, 2020, is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Operation Underground Railroad is one of my absolute favorite charitable organizations.  Their mission is to free children from the horrors of the human trafficking trade, where children as young as 5 years old are sold for sex, slavery, and organ harvesting around the world by people who are, to put … Read More

Performing During The Pandemic

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Curtis The Mentalist KAKE TV Performing Virtual Mentalism

A few months back after things first shut down due to the pandemic of COVID-19, I was a guest on Good Morning Kakeland and spoke about making the eventual shift to performing virtual magic shows online. Today, my friends at Good Morning Kakeland brought me back to give them an update on my progress, and even had me perform a … Read More

Live Zoom Comedy Virtual Mind Reading Show

Curtis The MentalistVirtual Magic and Mentalism Shows, Where Can You See Curtis Perform?

Who needs Netflix or Amazon Prime when you have a hilarious and mind-blowing, interactive virtual magic show or mentalism show that you can attend? Attending live concerts and shows for entertainment may be put on hold world-wide for now, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.  I am now bringing my live and interactive comedy mind reading show … Read More

How To Secure Facebook Account From Hackers | 2020 Tutorial

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Prevent Facebook Hackers from Getting Into Your Account

Because of the Corona Virus outbreak these days, people are taking the most drastic measures to protect their health.  Unfortunately, few people are doing much to protect their online privacy and prevent hackers from getting into such things as their Facebook accounts. Today I go over 6 simple steps for making your Facebook account virtually hack-proof.  These steps are easy … Read More