May 27, 2021

Post Pandemic Corporate Party Entertainment Is Coming Back!

For some time, many have been wondering if in-person events in 2021 are going to be happening to any real degree.  With so many people getting most of their information, education, news, and entertainment through virtual streaming platforms and online over the past year, have they seemingly become immune to "Zoom Fatigue" and now are reluctant to go out to clubs, movie theaters, amusement parks, or attend corporate events where there is live after dinner shows, stage shows, concerts, and other forms of in-person entertainment?
Curtis The Mentalist entertaining a corporate audience on stage during an in-person event.
While over the last six months or so I have been actually performing my one-man comedy mentalism and magic shows for small, safely-distanced events and comedy clubs (in addition to numerous virtual events), just in the last couple of months alone I have found people coming out to these shows in record numbers, indicating that many are very eager and ready to go out and spend their hard-earned money on what they feel is a well-deserved (and long overdue) vacation and break from the drudgery of the lockdowns.
Branson, MO and Silver Dollar City have reported that tourism is booming in the area since they have opened back up in January 2021.  The new mayor and aldermen repealed the mask mandate, and it still remains to be seen whether or not this helped or hurt tourism in the area.   It seems some people have indicated that they won't come to the area due to the repealing of the mandate, and others have indicated that they're there because it was repealed.   Either way, they are reporting record numbers of tourists in the area and one store owner in Branson claims that "the future's very, very rosy."

Big Ferris Wheel in Branson Missouri
Four people enjoying a corporate party and making a toast.
If you are planning a corporate party or other event for sometime in the near future during 2021, I highly recommend reaching out for quotes and booking entertainment for these events as soon as possible.  Much like the upswing for the demand of virtual entertainment just over a year ago when the pandemic hit,  inquiries for live events are starting to pour in, and with the new market of virtual events still in the mix of scheduling along with the impending boom of returning to "normal" events, dates and times are definitely limited.