Alec Baldwin Shooting and The Time I Almost Killed Several Men

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Headshot of Alec Baldwin with heading Alec Baldwin Shooting How Much is He Responsible

Many Are Saying It's Absolutely "Not His Fault." Others Say Baldwin Bears Responsibility for the Tragedy.

As an actor who has been on many movie sets, I talk about the incident from my own professional perspective as well as from my 8 years of military experience with firearms and gun safety.

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What happened recently on the set of the upcoming movie "Rust" was horrible.
Film star Alec Baldwin fired a "prop gun" while on set of the film "Rust," and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza.  Many on social media and elsewhere are insisting that it is absolutely not his fault and that the blame lies on others in the production crew.  I talk about this from the perspective of an actor who has been on several movie sets involving the use of guns, and as an 8 year military veteran in a combat arms MOS with considerable gun safety training.
I also share a deeply personal experience about the time I almost killed several of my fellow soldiers during a training exercise in Alaska, as well as a recent experience with a Fall Festival show and why I rarely book them anymore...BY CHOICE.
Chapters of the Episode:
Intro and Opening Comments:  0:00 - 06:38
Why I Rarely Book Festivals or Outdoor Shows: 06:38   
The Alec Baldwin Shooting: 22:50
The Time I Almost Killed Several Men (True Story): 37:07
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Actors as policemen drawing their prop guns in playful fashion and arresting Curtis Waltermire on a film set in Guthrie, Oklahoma

(Above) Curtis horsing around in between scenes with fellow actors during the making of a film in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  The guns used here are true "prop guns" made of rubber or plastic and incapable of firing any live rounds.  They are 100% safe.  

Curtis with fellow actors playing tactical officers on the set of the film "Gosnell: America's Biggest Serial Killer"
Curtis The Mentalist with actor Dean Cain
Curtis portraying a tactical officer with Dean Cain and a few fellow actors on location during the making of the film "Gosnell: America's Biggest Serial Killer."

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