Who is Curtis The Mentalist?

Mentalist/Grandpa/Cool Dad & Above-Average Husband!

Curtis often refers to himself as just "an ordinary guy, who has a helluva lot-of fun doing some EXTRAORDINARY things!"

And, boy, does he have a lot of fun doing it.

When he struts out onto the stage wearing Ray-Bans to some classic rock music, audiences know right away that they are in for a crazy good time, and that this guy is not your typical dark, mysterious, strange, or overly-cerebral mentalist.

He doesn't take himself too seriously, and neither should you.  He's not psychic, and he doesn't talk to dead people.  He just loves to blow people's minds and have fun in the process.

Curtis' sharp-dressed nature, Midwestern American charm, razor-sharp wit, and rock-star energy combined with mind-blowing demonstrations have made him a favorite choice for entertainment for corporate events, private parties, and more since the late 1980s.  Whether it's a virtual show broadcast into the homes of people around the globe, or hundreds of guests in banquet halls, casinos, showrooms, theatres and convention centers, Curtis provides fun, amazing & unique entertainment that even the most cynical of spectators can enjoy.

More About Curtis The Mentalist

Curtis has loved the entertainment arts for as long as he can remember.  As a young man, he was fairly quiet, shy and introverted, yet seemed to come alive when presented with an opportunity to be in front of his class or a lot of people demonstrating his talents--which ranged from singing and playing musical instruments, to acting in theatre and videos, stand-up comedy and performing magic or mentalism on stage.

During his grade school years, his parents often held parties for friends and relatives. Feeling a bit left out, Curtis could frequently be found blowing the minds of grown adults by performing magic and mind-reading tricks that he learned from books at a local library; often to the great frustration of the adults!  Curtis discovered hidden gems in those books, so his "cute little magic tricks" were actually quite astonishing, and Curtis reveled in effect they would have on people, especially the adults around him.  To this day he claims that the best secrets are kept in books--mainly because most people are too lazy to read them.

His love for comedy began in 7th grade when he read comedy stories to his class each week during English class.  While not necessarily a class clown, this quiet kid would come alive in front of the class, and his comical way of reading the stories would cause explosions of laughter that surprised even his teachers.

His biggest influences in comedy have been comedians Bill Cosby (for comedy only, mind you!), George Carlin, Victor Borge, Robin Williams, Harry Anderson, Jonathan Winters, and in recent years hilarious comics Jerry Seinfeld and Brian Regan.  To this day some of his favorite gigs are his comedy club or cabaret appearances, though the pay is often minimal.

Originally from Illinois, Curtis studied Theatre, Acting, and Speech Communications during his college years where he starred in a number of productions.  He is an 8-year, U.S. Army Persian Gulf-Era veteran, and his oldest daughter served 4 years in the U.S. Marines.  He eventually dropped out of college and the military to pursue a career in the entertainment field and never looked back.

Today, he lives with his wife of 30 years, Ann; has raised two wonderful daughters, has one grandson, and is currently enjoying being an empty-nester and grandpa.  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he made his living traveling and combining his theatrical, comedy, and magic talents performing a one-man show as a mentalist and mind reader.  Now he performs his virtual comedy mentalism show on Zoom and other online streaming platforms for corporate and private audiences world-wide.

More Than An Entertainer: Odd & Interesting Facts About Curtis

  • In 2000, he and a few partners bootstrapped and built a highly-successful, multi-million dollar construction sub-contracting company in Tacoma, WA.  They had 35 full-time employees.
  • At one time he made his living crawling under houses, lying in water and mud with dead animals and bugs and installing insulation in sub-floors.
  • He was once a bass singer in a quartet for many years, and also sang with a men's barbershop chorus.  In 2018 the chorus was ranked 17th out of 700 choruses internationally.
  • He moonlights occasionally as a professional actor and printwork model in TV commercials, feature films, corporate training videos, and more.  He can currently be seen as a principal extra with Jacqueline Toboni in the Netflix film "The Bygone" and with Dean Cain and Sarah Jane Morris in the film "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer."  You can see a playlist of some of his commercial and TV work on his YouTube Channel by clicking here.
  • He no longer uses any social media platforms.
  • He was a licensed minister for 9 years; speaking in Churches, teaching in seminary, and officiating weddings and funerals.
  • With a fascination for languages, he is highly-proficient speaking French and Spanish, with remarkable pronunciation.
  • He almost drowned as a child alone during a thunderstorm while vacationing with his parents at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  A stringer of dead fish floating on the water's surface saved his life.
  • Now a long-time, avid swimmer, his current record for a straight one-mile swim is 29 minutes, 28 seconds.  To this day he swims a one-mile workout three to four times a week in 30 minutes or less.
  • While stationed in Alaska during his time in the U.S. Army, he fell over 80 feet from a helicopter during an air assault training exercise.  He landed on his feet upright and miraculously walked away unharmed, much to the astonishment of everyone present.
  • He is an excellent cook.  Even his wife agrees.
  • He has maintained and kept a commercial driver's license for over 30 years and can drive semi-tractor trailers, buses, end dump trucks, and more.  He's also pretty damn good with a BobCat or Skid-Steer loader.
  • He loves premium cigars and aged American bourbon.
  • He would rather be a stand-up comedian than a mentalist or magician, and prefers the company of comedians over magicians and mentalists.

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