October 21, 2021

Aaron Rodgers Owns Chicago Bears Fans, Or So He Says.

And as a lifelong Bears Fan (born and raised in Illinois), I thought it was hilarious.

Rivalries between sports teams and their fans are are as old as the hills, or even older.  It's part of what makes sports fun.  Trash-talking has been a part of that for as long as anyone can remember.  But today's woke and cancel-cultures are wanting to put an end to it.  People magazine talks a little bit about this in a recent article with a somewhat hyped-up headline.  Today on the show I rant jus' a lil' bit about watching all of this unfold in my lifetime.  Seems like the days of calling each other "pussies" for being thin-skinned in the arena are about to become a thing of the past.

There's also this weird thing that seems to be happening with young millennial women.  At least when they attend my shows.  I've been noticing it over the last several months especially, but I know it goes back longer than that.  In this episode of the podcast I talk about what it is and seek your help in dealing with it.

Oh yeah; and I've stopped doing shows for high school after-proms.  For good.  I'm mostly a corporate entertainer anyway, but I have entertained at these events each Spring for many years.  Not doing it anymore.  Why?  Another little tidbit you'll also discover when listening to this fine specimen of a podcast episode.