March 31, 2023

What's Going On With Me?

I closed down my long-running and successful comedy club show.  I've been absent from social media for almost two years.  I've deleted almost 200 videos from my YouTube channel, and changed all of the branding.  Now you find  me talking about God, personal relationships, and other things.  So what's going on? 

Anyone who has followed me and my career to any degree in recent years has noticed that I've been doing things that might appear to be a bit...well...unusual.

At least from their perspective and what they assume to know about me.

But those who are really close to me aren't really wondering at all.  In fact, many of them understand completely and are very happy with what they see happening.

I thought perhaps instead of hammering out a long blog post that most people aren't going to read anyway, that I would take a few minutes to address things in a brief video.

Some of you aren't going to like it.  Others have already expressed a great deal of love, respect and appreciation.

I'm not trying to make anything a bigger deal than it really is.  It's not like I have this enormous fan-base who are just dying to know things.  However, it's important enough to me that I wish to state a few things.

So I decided to explain some things to the loyal following of friends and clients that I do have, as well as the general public and any potential future clients.

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