June 25, 2021

Will The Amazing Shoji Be The Next Child Star to Win America's Got Talent?

Loyal fans of have seen a vast variety of magic acts on the show this season from the spooky and creepy Klek Entos making a tarantula appear and disappear to Dustin Tavella's mental magic. But there have been none like this adorable 9-year-old kid magician, The Amazing Shoji. This young man from New York is no stranger to magic, and has been mastering somewhat difficult magic tricks for the last three years.  His stellar performance on the show demonstrated this. 

The Amazing Shoji has been posting his magic tricks on Instagram since the summer of 2020. The student loves performing the coin "matrix", a close-up magic trick with coins laid out flat on a table that does not involve any gimmicks. He is a pro at making large coins vanish in the blink of an eye and travel invisibly from place to place; a type of coin magic performance inspired by late magician David Roth.

In one Instagram video (follow him @shojimagic), the 9-year-old magician bites a coin in half and then magically puts it back together like it never even happened. He calls this trick “Bitcoin” , which is a pun based on the popular digital currency. His little sister often makes appearances in his videos (which are equally adorable) and has even taken a shot at learning magic tricks.

In this video below I walk you through his appearance with added commentary and insights based on my experience with auditioning for the show, as well as my over 30 years of experience performing mind reading, magic, and mentalism.

And you can watch me as I tear up a little, much to my own embarrassment.  But what can I say?  This show sometimes softens the grumpy old grandpa in me...