Watch Curtis The Mentalist’s Videos!

Curtis The Mentalist’s corporate after-dinner show demo reel.

Watch Curtis in action and audience reactions with several clips from his LIVE after-dinner shows.

Curtis Drives Blindfolded in Hilarious Insurance Ad

Curtis seems to have a problem with insurance agents.  This video may explain why…

Curtis The Mentalist Blow The Minds of News Anchors on KAKE-TV News

Curtis gets into the minds of news anchors Alyson Acklin and Greg Miller, with fantastic reactions.  

Curtis Video Blog

Videos from Curtis’ travels, tips for event planners, personal and funny stories, and basically anything Curtis likes to vlog about!

Curtis Amazes Ms. USA 2017 Winner Sierra Patricia Scott on the show “Positively Kansas”

Curtis goes into the KPTS studio for a brief interview with Sierra Patricia Scott where he amazes her with his ability to read her mind, even while completely blindfolded.

Curtis The Mentalist on Good Morning KAKELand

Curtis demonstrates one of his unusual talents with host Alyson Acklin, as he also talks about his work with veterans and the Kansas Honor Flight.

Curtis Knows Your PIN

Curtis demonstrates his unusual ability to discover cell phone PINs simply by holding someone’s hand.

Comedian Laughs When Curtis Borrows His Glasses

Watch as Curtis blows the mind of funny man Byron Love as he does something extraordinary with his eyeglasses.  

Curtis Predicts The Imaginary Vacation of News Anchor Mark Davidson

Watch as Curtis demonstrates his powers of influence on KSN’s Mark Davidson.  Curtis had only met Mark moments before going live.  Nothing in this LIVE TV spot was pre-arranged.

Curtis The Mentalist Amazing Private Party Entertainment

Watch as Curtis has some fun performing demonstrations of  mentalism on several people during a private event.

Curtis Gives A Demonstration of Mind Reading During a Keynote Speech.

Occasionally presenting as a Keynote speaker, Curtis will weave demonstrations of mind reading and influence into his events.  Watch here as he tells three randomly chosen people what they’re thinking during an event for the ADTSEA.

Curtis The Mentalist performs the World’s Most Unique Blindfolded Car Drive.

See Curtis’ famous blindfolded car drive as seen on the TV Show “Street Rodding American Style.”

Indy 500 Legend Bobby Unser’s Reaction to a Blindfolded Car Drive!

Curtis took famous Indy 500 racing legend Bobby Unser on a ride he would never forget at Whitney Mountain Lodge in Bear Creek, Arkansas.  This video was taken moments after the ride, when Curtis removed the blindfold previously applied by Bobby himself.

Curtis Reads A Young Student’s Mind at a Keyclub International Event.

Watch as Curtis draws a random image that this young student was merely thinking about, much to her amazement.

Curtis Reads Lukas Cox’s Mind in the B98FM Studios.

Watch as Lukas loses his mind as Curtis performs a demonstration of “Sightless Vision!”

TV Commercial for Riverbend Casino

Curtis also makes part of his living as a professional actor.  This is a recent video of him in a commercial for the Riverbend Casino in Oklahoma.

Curtis Performs During The “Dead Martin Variety Hour” at Roxy’s Cabaret.

Curtis entertains a rowdy crowd during a midnight show at Roxy’s Cabaret in Wichita.