Hire The Best In Private Party Entertainment!

Curtis is a professional mind reader, mentalist, and magician who has been astounding audiences with his amazing talents for over 25 years.

He is a favorite at private parties and events all throughout the U.S.

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Give your friends, family, or co-workers a party they’ll never forget!

For over 25 years, Curtis The Mentalist has entertained private party guests in living rooms, patios, pool side, and other places with his amazing and humorous mind-reading show.  

Curtis mysteriously unlocks your guests’ locked cell phones (SEE VIDEO BELOW!), tells them the names of people and places they know, answers questions that they are merely thinking about, draws pictures they create in their minds, performs amazing stunts while blindfolded, and much more!  Is he psychic, or is it just some clever trick?  How does he know the things he does about people, and how can he possibly do the things he does?  It is entertainment you much experience for yourself!

Each show is highly-interactive, mind-blowing, and fun.  Set aside your notions of what a magic show, a magician, or psychic entertainment is, and experience the incredible talents of Curtis The Mentalist!

Make your next private party UNFORGETTABLE!


Private Parlor Shows

Shows for your guests right in your very own living room or venue of your choice.  These “sit-down-and-watch” shows play well for 10 people to well over 200.


Walk-Around/Strolling Entertainment

For large private events lasting several hours.  Curtis entertains guests in small groups with close-up magic and mentalism while strolling throughout the event.

“That is the DAMNEDEST thing I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!”Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Racing Champion

Curtis’ private party entertainment is perfect for:

  • Adult Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your loved one’s special day with a fun and engaging show. Only for adults and youth ages 15 and up. Curtis does not perform for small children.

  • After Proms

    Give your kids after prom entertainment like they’ve never seen it before.

  • Graduation Parties

    Your son or daughter’s special day deserves special entertainment. Reward them with a unique, fun, and highly entertaining show.

  • Wedding Receptions

    Curtis does a special presentation involving the bride and groom called “Marital Telepathy.” Will the newlyweds pass the test?

  • Holiday Parties

    Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, and virtually any Holiday. Curtis will help you make any Holiday you celebrate extra special.

  • Anniversaries

    You’ve been together a long time. Celebrate that day with your family, friends, and extra-special entertainment!