Predicting The Exact Outcome of the NCAA 2018 Men’s Basketball Championship

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Curtis The Mentalist Stunningly Accurate 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Prediction

On February 21st I mailed an envelope containing my prediction of the outcome of the 2018 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game to the KAKE-TV studios in Wichita, KS.  I appeared live on-air the next day on their program “Good Morning KAKEland” to announce that this had taken place, as well as to demonstrate a couple of extraordinary things.  During that spot, the mailed envelope was sealed into a larger envelope, which was then guarded by the staff of the TV station and kept in a safe place.  It remained there until Tuesday morning, April 3rd; the morning after the final NCAA Championship game.  

The envelope not only contained my prediction of the final game, but predictions of the few other things as well.  Alyson Acklin, co-host of the morning show, was so stunned during the reading of the prediction, that she almost forgot to read the prediction of the outcome of the game!   Watch the video below to see the prediction revealed!    

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