Since Curtis Knows What You’re Thinking, He Answered Some of Your Questions Here!

Simply visit the CONTACT page by clicking here or fill out the simple, short form on this page. Someone will usually get back to you right away about booking your event!  Typically within 24 hours.  

Curtis offers TWO basic types of entertainment:

Stage/Platform/Stand-Up Shows

Walk-Around/Strolling Entertainment

Curtis’ stage/stand-up/platform show is a dynamic and highly-interactive mind reading show, full of tons of audience participation and plenty of humor.  He plays mind games with the audience, tells them people and places they’re thinking about, draws images they have made up in their mind, and performs ridiculous stunts while completely blindfolded.  It is a show that has been called “over-the-top, EXTRAORDINARILY entertaining!”

For walk-around/strolling performances, Curtis engages and entertains guests as they mingle and mix throughout your event.  He unlocks their cell phones, predicts and controls their actions, reads their minds, and a host of other fun and unusual demonstrations in an up close and personal fashion while strolling about the event.  Perfect for large events where several things happen simultaneously, or when a “sit-down-and-watch” show isn’t feasible.   

For certain events, Curtis can perform a combination of walk-around prior to a stage show for maximum entertainment value for your event.

That’s completely up to you!  Curtis can do brief and short presentations, lasting only minutes; or perform a full-length, 90 minute show.

A typical corporate after-dinner show runs 45 minutes.  Strolling/Walk-around entertainment usually lasts 1-3 hours, but special day rates are given for large corporate events where strolling is needed for several hours.

Curtis’ performance fees are based on a number of factors such as length of program, travel, lodging, and more.  Curtis is not the cheapest entertainer on the market, but he has been entertaining for over 25 years and his performances are an excellent value for any event.

To see a general pricing guideline for your event, click or tap HERE. 

Audiences for many years have told him that his show is the most fun and amazing “LIVE” show they’ve ever seen! Curtis has a 100% money-back guarantee for any problems on his end.  The details of that can be found by clicking here.

Curtis is based out of Wichita, KS, and travels all over the United States, North America, and internationally as necessary.

Yes!  Curtis has over 30 years in entertainment and other businesses, and delivers entertaining presentations revolving around his successes and failures throughout his lifetime.  He also teaches an incredible workshop on memory enhancement that leaves people amazed at their own abilities.  His presentations are a perfect fit for sales teams, high schools and colleges, management staff, and more.  

Click here to view video testimonials from satisfied speaking clients.

Yes!  Curtis can bring an intimate, fun, amazing, and highly-engaging performance for your family and guests right into your very own living room, back patio, basement, or other private location.  For more info on private party entertainment, click or tap HERE.

The more advanced notice that is given, the better; however, there is no minimum date requirement.  Curtis has some events booked as far out as 1 year or more in advance, but last-minute requests come in occasionally.  Simply send us information about your event as soon as you have it and we will be as accomodating as possible.

Children are occasionally in the audience at Curtis’ events, and usually enjoy the show.  However, Curtis’ types of performances are not best suited for young audiences.  He does not perform for events, however, where the audience members are predominantly children such as birthday parties, daycare centers, etc.  While Curtis’ shows are always clean, the intellectual nature of his material is best suited for children 13 years and older.

For keynotes or speaking engagements, a simple podium and wireless, hand-held microphone for audiences larger than 25 people.  Overhead projector screens that can display Apple Keynote or MS PowerPoint slides is also important as these are helpful visual aids for his presentations.

For small private parties, just a small area in virtually any room of the house, club, or other venue.  Back patios or outdoor venues are acceptable as well, but provisions must be made indoors for inclement weather.

For large corporate shows (such as after-dinner shows, trade shows, etc), please see Curtis’ detailed rider by clicking here.

The requirements for all events are quite minimal.  Curtis is very flexible and accomodating and any special requirements for an event will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the execution of a performance contract.

Absolutely!  Curtis performs for numerous charity events each year.  For more information about booking a charity or fundraising event, visit the FUNDRAISERS page.

Absolutely!  No two events are alike anyway, however special accomodations can be made to create amazing and highly-entertaining moments for your corporate or private events.  Wedding proposals, special gifts and awards, and other unique requests are highly encouraged!  Click or tap HERE to contact Curtis today about customizing your event!

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