Fake It Til You Make It? I Don’t Think So…

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Fake It Till You Make It?

If it was “faking it” that got you there, then doesn’t it stand to reason that “faking it” will get you further?  Or will you somehow muster the strength to “no longer fake it” and then become a person of authenticity, transparency and integrity? What gets us to where we are will determine what we do once we get there. … Read More

How To Overcome Objections

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Overcoming Objections Corporate Event Planning

You’ve been tasked with putting together a great event for your company.  The budget it limited, the boss is picky, and every idea you’ve presented is met with age-old objections such as “we’ve always done it THIS way” or “we’ve never had entertainment before.” Oh yeah; and whatever you do, it had better be good because your job is probably … Read More

Flawed Thinking About Money

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Flawed Thinking About Money Blogpost

Many years ago I managed a small construction sub-contracting company in Washington State that I bootstrapped and built together with a few friends of mine.  It was fairly successful and taught me a lot about business.  We grew it from just a few guys and a pickup truck to over 30 full-time employees, and close to $12 million per year … Read More

Are Real, LIVE Audiences A Dying Species?

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LIVE Audiences a Dying Species

Quite some time ago I performed my after-dinner show for a corporate event at a casino for a group of 225 people. The show went well, but wasn’t without some difficulties. The next morning while reflecting upon the previous night’s performance, I began to realize some things that I had been observing for quite some time. I have been performing … Read More

Curtis The Mentalist on Good Morning KAKELand

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Curtis With Alyson Acklin Good Morning Kakeland

I had a great interview recently with the lovely and talented Alyson Acklin on her show “Good Morning Kakeland.” While I always enjoy being able to demonstrate some of my mentalism and magic feats, I was really on the program to talk about the Kansas Honor Flight and all that they have done in honoring our Kansas veterans. Over a … Read More