Curtis Waltermire

Mentalist, Speaker, Actor, Grandpa, Cool Dad & Above-Average Husband

My mom always said that I should introduce myself properly.  So to avoid getting in trouble with mom, I created this page!  

Curtis The Mentalist headshot by Shelly Whitfield Photography in Wichita Kansas

My name is Curtis Waltermire and I have been involved in entertainment, public speaking, and other businesses and industries since the late 1980’s.

Actually, it all started in the late seventies, when I was about 8 years old and I was working very hard at being an amazing superhero.

Curtis believed by working hard he could be an amazing superhero.

Who is that masked KID??

Who’s Fault Is All of This?

Many people blame my Uncle Charlie for ever getting me involved in the magical arts.  Had he not kept harassing me with coin tricks at every family reunion when I was just a toddler, you wouldn’t be reading this!  And he wasn’t even a magician!

Consequently, I fell in love with the magical arts very early, and by the time I was in my teens, my wild imagination for all things amazing (and a careful study of magic and mindreading books found at a local library) had me performing professional magic shows for various children’s and family groups, charity organizations, and more.  I went on to study Theatre, Acting, and Public Speaking in college to help enhance my individual performing style.

Curtis The Mentalist as a teen age magician in Champaign Illinois

So I’m an Adult Now?

During my college years, I also served some time in the U.S. Army, juggled performing both as an actor and magician, and found the perfect woman and snatched her up before she got away.  Here she is trying to escape on our wedding day at Fort Lee, Virginia, in 1991.

I whisked her away to Alaska where we had two daughters; one who is now a licensed cosmetologist, a former U.S. Marine, and a devoted wife and mother of our first grandson–the other a professional photographer making her way in the world.  We are very proud of both of our girls!

Curtis The Mentalist on his wedding day at Fort Lee, Virginia

Movies, TV Commercials, and other Stuff

In addition to the mystery arts, acting and theater are real passions of mine, and occasionally I work professionally in film, TV commercials,and print advertisements.  I also consult with theatres and venues about producing live special effects for their plays and programs.  

I have had the privilege over the years of working with and entertaining some great people in the entertainment business, to include actor Dean Cain, Sarah Jane Morris (NCIS), and Indy 500 legend Bobby Unser to name a few.

Curtis The Mentalist with Michael Davis juggler and comedy magician Michael Finney.

With Michael Davis Juggler (L) and comedy magician Michael Finney (R).

I recently had the thrill last December of sharing the stage with two comedy legends from my youth, the hilarious and very talented juggler Michael Davis, and award-winning comedy magician Michael Finney.  

Keynote Speaker

In the year 2000, I started and built a highly-successful, multi-million dollar contracting company near Seattle, WA, with a few close friends and partners. Just prior to this, because of my fascination with psychology and religion, I also earned a Minister of Religion degree in 1997 and was a speaker and teacher in a private Seminary near Tacoma, WA, for a few years. Today I combine my business, public speaking, teaching and entertainment talents together to provide highly-engaging keynote presentations for companies and organizations on such topics as leadership, effective communication, and improving memory.

Curtis The Mentalist presents at the All American Indian Center in Wichita KS
Curtis The Mentalist presents at the All American Indian Center in Wichita KS

The “Supercharge Your Memory” Workshop

One of my most requested presentations, however, is my “Supercharge Your Memory” workshop.  In this highly-interactive and fun workshop I demonstrate extraordinary feats of memory and then teach every attendee the very same techniques that I use!  An excellent memory is a tremendous asset in almost every aspect of life, especially business; and improving it is actually quite simple.  It only take a little bit of work.  Every attendee gets a copy of my technique to take home, as well as plenty of hands-on experience during the program.


Over the years, I have appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, promoting my local shows and various fundraising organizations.  I really enjoy using my talents to help worthy charities and those in need.  I also appear occasionally in newspapers and local magazines.

Curtis The Mentalist on the Nov 2015 Cover of Splurge Magazine

On the November 2015 issue of Splurge! Magazine

The Mind Reading Show

In recent years, my one-man mind-reading show has become the primary corporate event entertainment for organizations throughout Kansas, the Midwest, and other parts of the United States.  It has played from audiences as few as 10 people in a living room, to baseball stadiums full of people and everything in-between.  The show is regularly seen in the banquet rooms of some of the finest hotels in the country, as well as theatres, casinos, comedy clubs, and other live entertainment venues.  

Curtis The Mentalist performs at Crown Uptown Theater in Wichita
Curtis The Mentalist performs at the Loony Bin Live at 215 Performance Theater in Wichita
Curtis The Mentalist reads a woman's mind while blindfolded Wichita Kansas
Curtis The Mentalist performs his $100 Chairs routine at Kansas Star Casino
“Curtis SURPASSED our expectations!”Terri Rice, Cox Business Solutions
“That is the DAMNEDEST thing I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!”Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Racing Champion
“Don’t hesitate to book his act if you have a chance!”Kaylin S., Koch Industries

I’m so glad you’ve taken some time out today to stop here and learn more about me.  I consider it a priviledge and an honor to be living my life’s dream, and the most wonderful thing about it is travelling and meeting such wonderful and extraordinary people along the way.  

Curtis with staff at Flight Safety International

Horsing around with the staff of Flight Safety International after a recent show.

Curtis and Ann in North Carolina

On a dock in North Carolina with my wife, Ann.

My wife and I have lived all over the country, but currently call Wichita, Kansas home; smack dab in the center of America’s Heartland.   While we’ve lived here for the last 12 years, who knows where travels will find us next!